Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: October 17, 2016

Location: Online conference call

Members attending: Mackenzie Salisbury (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Matthew Olsen (Millikin), Larissa Garcia (NIU), April Purcell Levy (Columbia College Chicago)
Members absent: Colleen Bannon, Lora Smallman, Chelsea Van Riper, Anne Zald, Christina Heady
CARLI Staff attending: Lorna Engels

  • Decisions:
    • Suggestions for Showcase Proposals: NOTE for next Proposal Form
      • Add an option for submission template for instruction showcase
        • ”Varies depending on session content”
        • Other option for homegrown frames or kp
      • Must assign KP’s, can add dispositions if desired.
    • Annual Reports
      • Incorporate the evaluation statistics into the more narrative version. Larissa will send out final draft to committee members before sending out final version.
    • Update on the webinar series:
      • Amy Hall & Sarah Leeman, National Louis University.
      • April will draft an email for listserv to send out by Nov. 4th. -- April will draft something up and will send things out to the group early next week.
      • Amy van Epps from Purdue University -- ask her to expand on:
        • their library, as well as gearing this talk towards how others may replicate this, regardless of their institutions size/ if they are non-tenure track librarians or not.
        • any other recommendations for others interested in duplicating this. Anecdotes.
        • Dealing with the administration
  • Tasks assigned:
    • Larissa will send out final draft of Annual Report to committee members before sending out final version.
    • Christina will ask Amy van Epps about making some modifications to her webinar.
    • April will draft webinar email and will send things out to our group early next week.