Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: August 15, 2016

Via Conference Call

Members attending: Colleen Bannon (Heartland Community College), Larissa Garcia (Northern Illinois University), Christina Heady (Southern Illinois University Carbondale), Matthew Olsen (Millikin University), April Purcell Levy (Columbia College Chicago), Mackenzie Salisbury (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Lora Smallman (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville)
Members absent: Chelsea Van Riper (Principia College), Anne Zald (Northwestern University)
Staff attending: Debbie Campbell

  • Announcements
    • Debbie shared feedback from the Instruction Showcase attendee evaluations: Feedback about presentations/presenters was positive.
      • Scheduling the day so attendees could see all presentations was also well-liked. Attendees enjoyed the lunch from Panera. 
      • There was some frustration with roundtable discussions during lunch, because not all tables discussed the topic assigned, some attendees preferred chatting instead of roundtable discussion, and other attendees would have preferred quiet time.
      • There were some attendees who wished that coffee had been available in the morning (coffee was not included to keep within the budget).
      • Computer labs may not have been needed for the presentations, because presenters only used the instructor computer/projector.
      • Some attendees did not like having to switch buildings for the presentations and lunch. There were also standard complaints about rooms needing more chairs and room temperatures.
  • Discussions:
    • For future Instruction Showcases, the committee could ask presenters if they need a full computer lab, or just a presenter’s computer and projector. This would minimize the likelihood of switching buildings at Heartland. The lunchtime roundtable discussions could be structured differently, with some tables assigned topics and others open for those who wanted to chat and/or sit at a quiet table. Another alternative would be to provide 30 minutes to eat lunch, then begin roundtable discussions after lunch.
    • The committee discussed ideas members had shared to a Google Doc about activities for the year, including creating a Journal Club, having a mini-series of webinars on the Changing Role of Instruction/Department Models, and holding two Unconferences in the Northern and Southern parts of the state. There is no budget available to pay honoraria/expenses for librarians from out of state to present at the webinars, so they would need to be asked to volunteer their time.
  • Decisions:
    • The Committee voted to select the mini-series of webinars on the Changing Role of Instruction/Department Models (for Fall 2016) and two Unconferences (for Fall 2017) as the activities to work on this year, in addition to the 5th Annual Instruction Showcase (Spring 2017).
    • The Committee will work together on the mini-series of webinars this Fall, but may divide into subgroups to work on the Instruction Showcase and Unconference planning in Spring.
    • The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.
  • Tasks assigned:
    • Debbie or Lorna will compile evaluation data from Instruction Showcase and share it with the committee.
    • Larissa will contact librarians at National-Louis University, Christina will contact librarians at Purdue University, and Lora will contact Lori Mestre at University of Illinois, to see if they are interested in presenting as part of the mini-series of webinars.
    • Other committee members are encouraged to reach out to CARLI librarians they know who might also present about the Changing Role of Instruction/Department Models in a webinar before the next committee meeting.
  • Meeting Dates and Deadlines:
    • Next Meeting: Monday, September 19, 2:00 p.m., Conference Call