Instruction Committee Meeting Minutes: July 13, 2016

Location: Conference Call

Members attending: Christina Heady, Colleen Bannon, Larissa Garcia, Matthew Olsen, April Purcell Levy, Mackenzie Salisbury

Members absent: Chelsea Van Riper, Anne Zald

CARLI Staff attending: Debbie Campbell , Lorna Engels

Meeting was called at 3:36pm.

  • Charge & Activities
    • The committee usually hosts 2 annual in-person events. Last year the committee planned a webinar, a workshop before IACRL, and the upcoming instruction showcase (July 2016).
  • Meeting schedule, minutes, Google folder
    • Due to budget constraints, all committee meetings will be conference calls.
    • Proposed standing meeting time. Committee members voted to have a standing meeting. Debbie will send out a Doodle Poll with options for morning/afternoon meetings on Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays.
    • The division of the committee to work as subgroups worked well last year. Proposal to continue with that framework.
    • Committee members should check shared Google folder for agendas, minutes, etc.
  • Instruction Showcase
    • Four time keepers needed. Members not attending Colleen and Lora. Larissa, Matt, Christina volunteer to be time keepers. Lorna or Debbie may fill in. Co-chairs will make opening remarks.
    • The committee has coded instruction showcase presentations. Presenters provided the Framework with their proposal. The committee will ensure that all presentations have the appropriate frame(s) assigned to it.
  • Annual theme brainstorming & selection
    • The committee discussed the following topics for the annual theme:
      • Focusing on a specific theme – information has value
      • Assessment and the Framework/Value
      • 21st century librarian
      • Outreach (advocating to faculty, administration, and campus community)
      • Helping new instruction librarians (mentoring, training, etc.)
    • The committee voted for “21st century librarian” as the theme for the year and chose “Evolving library instruction: Negotiating change in uncertain times” as its tagline.
      • This theme includes assessment and value, advocacy, online instruction, alternatives to one-shots using technology, student engagement techniques, changing role of instruction/department models, etc.
  • Annual activities discussion
    • The committee discussed the possibility of a partially or fully online instruction showcase. Lorna and Debbie will check on the costs associated with online events.
    • Committee is exploring hosting webinars for the year. Lorna and Debbie will check budget for paid presenters.  Committee members should think of CARLI members who could present at a webinar.
    • Committee will have a future meeting to brainstorm activities and events
    • The committee will have another meeting in the next month on a date TBD to discuss events for the year. See everyone at the showcase!

Meeting adjourned at 4:46pm.