Instruction Committee Meeting- April 6, 2016

Conference Call

Members Present: Colleen Bannon, Frances Brady, Larissa Garcia, Michelle Guittar, Christina Heady, Beth Mandrell, Chelsea Van Riper
CARLI Staff: Debbie Campbell

Meeting was called to at 10:03am.
Meeting adjourned at 11:40am.

Announcements and Discussion

  • CARLI Announcements
    • Various committee meetings have taken place.
    • Lorna will be out of the office for a little while.
    • Senior Director for CARLI: Closing date for applications was March 31. Search Committee is currently reviewing applications.
  • IACRL pre-conference debrief
    • The committee sponsored a preconference for IACRL on Thursday, March 17. Anne Zald, Northwestern University, presented the morning session, “Curriculum Mapping to Integrate and Communicate Information Literacy. Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, presented the afternoon session, “Information Literacy Leadership and Program Evaluation: Using a Curriculum Map for Program Development.” About 60 people attended and there was a good amount of energy for the workshop. The food was wonderful. Comments overheard were positive. There was also representation from different schools that do not typically attend CARLI events.
  • Annual Project Progress
    • The committee’s annual project is to make the webinar and workshop accessible to those unable to attend these events. The small groups working on the summaries shared their drafts.  
      • Learning Outcomes Webinar: Formatting looks good. YouTube version is shorter than the Captivate recording. The group will need to include the rest of the webinar in the summary. Debbie will also check for citation for Bloom’s Taxonomy chart to include.  
      • Curriculum Mapping Workshop: Summary is not a play-by-play, but rather presented so that people could take the information and apply it. Most resources will be linked from the CARLI website to where the content currently resides. There is some question as to how in-depth of a summary of the afternoon session will be permissible for posting.
    • There was discussion about the format of the annual project. The summaries and supporting resources will be posted on the CARLI website. Under “Enhancing Library Instruction,” there will be two separate web pages for the Learning Outcomes webinar and supporting resources and for the Curriculum Mapping Workshop and supporting resources. In addition, PDFs of the summaries will be posted. Debbie agreed to post the content – thanks, Debbie!
    • Small groups will complete their drafts by the end of April so that the committee can review and approve.  The final report will be done by the end of May so that Debbie has sufficient time to post the content to the website. The final project is due one week before the June board meeting (June 17).
    • The co-chairs will draft an introduction to the report; Larissa will format the final report for consistency of presentation.
  • Annual Report
    • Instruction Showcase: For the final report, there needs to be a summary or preview of the event since it will take place after the report is submitted.  
    • Committee co-chairs will write the report
  • Instruction Showcase
    • The Instruction Showcase group looked at last year’s evaluation to determine what did and did not work well. Some recommendations for this year’s showcase include: having themed roundtables during lunch instead of a keynote speaker, more of a host presence by the instruction committee members, survey the presenters separately from the attendees. The committee agreed to include the submission of a lesson plan that could be used as a handout with the proposal form. Discussion of possibly including roundtables with common themes identified from proposals; however, this is dependent upon the proposals received.  
    • Colleen is checking at Heartland Community College for possible dates of availability. Most likely, the showcase will take place in July.  There will be a committee meeting to review and select proposals. All dates and deadlines to be determined, dependent on the date of the event, availability of the venue, etc.
  • Coding 2015 Instruction Showcase presentations
    • There are a few presentations that still need to be coded or organizing concepts narrowed down. Debbie will send out in a Google doc so that the committee can assign concepts. The committee agrees to complete this task by end of May.
  • Miscellaneous
    • There was discussion about whether or not the committee should accept submissions to the ACRL Framework Toolkit of content not presented at the showcase. It was decided that, at this time, the committee will not accept submissions of content that was not presented at the showcase.

Meeting Dates

  • Next meeting to be determined, based on deadline for Showcase submissions so that committee can review the submissions.