Instruction Committee Meeting- February 5, 2016

Conference Call

Members Present:  Colleen Bannon, Frances Brady, Debbie Campbell, Lorna Engels, Larissa Garcia, Michelle Guittar, Kristina Heady, Beth Mandrell, Lora Smallman, Chelsea Van Riper, Anne Zald
Members Absent: None.
CARLI Staff Present: Debbie Campbell & Lorna Engels

Van Riper called the meeting to order at 1:32pm. Adjourn: 2:45pm


  • CARLI Report
    • Campbell reported that several institutions will be joining I-Share in the upcoming year, including Blackhawk College and Lombard Theological Seminary.
    • CARLI newsletter available from
    • IACRL pre-conference March 17, 2016, Chicago Marriott O’Hare
      • Zald will do morning workshop from 10-12:30pm, and Lisa Hinchliffe will do an afternoon program.
      • Zald clarified that the room will be set up for a presentation and workshop format, and CARLI will take care of handouts.
    • Spring in-person meeting, April 6, 2016, 10 am-2 pm, CARLI Office
      • Will finalize annual project at this meeting.

Discussion and Tasks Assigned:


  • Discuss IACRL pre-conference panelists
    • No longer scheduled.
  • Coding 2015 Instruction Showcase proposals
    • We will complete this task at the April 6 meeting.
  • Discuss possibilities for annual project
    • Step-by-step guide/template for implementing workshop ideas
      • Theme: Framing the Big Picture of Library Instruction. Based on Framework, how can we implement it in our individual institutions.
        • Fall webinar: Writing Learning Outcomes; spring program: Zald’s Curriculum Mapping workshop
        • Annual project should complement the events we’ve already scheduled.
    • Ideas for annual project: How have you changed your teaching to fit the Framework?
      • How would this look as a project?
      • Tangible resource that summarizes webinar and workshop to complement the toolkit: step-by-step guide from the events that can guide implementation, either in classroom directly or influence conversations with faculty.
        • Poll of CARLI community and compile results on: faculty conversations about instruction and/or Framework usage, and scenario for this conversations take place.
        • Poll could lead to literature review and/or call for case studies
          • ACRL Spotlight on Scholarship on the Framework
        • Application/what to do next? (recalls the Faculty Collaboration webinar from winter 2015).
    • Discussion on committee member experiences: Each member of the committee asked to speak as representative of their own institutional type and experience  with faculty outreach.
      • Several librarians spoke that they may do a faculty orientation or outreach event, but really work with a group of “core believers.” Zald noted that institutional impact really comes from the administration.
        • What do administrators need from librarians to make a case for information literacy and/or library instruction?
          • Metrics, such as student success, retention, and graduation
          • Personal anecdotal stories/qualitative data.
          • Lots of different experiences with administration support with information literacy
    • Framing Information Literacy: could summarize and add to events sponsored throughout the year to benefit the CARLI membership and community at large.
      • Add step-by-step guide to implementing the webinar and curriculum mapping workshop.
      • 3 members work on summarizing main points of each event and adding some content to each event: 3 members webinar, 3 members work on mapping workshop, and 3 members work on streamlining Instruction Showcase event process - including structure, logistics, proposal process.
        • Webinar: Lora, Larissa, Beth
        • Workshop: Anne, Michelle, Frances
        • Showcase: Christina, Colleen, Chelsea
      • Be ready to share at April meeting. Debbie and Lorna could set up conference call if need be.
    • Annual project work distribution

Meeting Dates & Deadlines

  • April 6th in-person meeting to review group work and begin finalizing project
  • Instruction Showcase location and date TBD