ICAT Meeting: April 1, 2013

Members attending: Lori Murphy (DPU) Chair; Lynnette Fields (SIE), Susan Gallagher (UIS), Dennis McGuire (COL), Deborah Morris (ROU), Kavita Mundle (UIC), Catherine Suchy (JOL), John Whisler (EIU); Edith List (PRC, IUG Liaison)

Members absent: Heather Parisi (DOM)

CARLI Staff attending:  Jennifer Masciadrelli, Nicole Swanson


  • Approval of minutes from March 4 meeting

 Approved as amended.

  • Update on the Spring Forum on RDA for Original Catalogers (Nicole)

Susan Pritts from the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services has agreed to provide in-depth RDA training for original catalogers. She is not available for May but suggested June 6, 7, 10, and 11 as possible dates.  After discussion it was decided to schedule the training for June 6 and 7 in the Chicago area and June 10 and 11 in Champaign. The training is a one day session that will be repeated once in the Chicago area and once in Champaign.  The sessions will be limited to 20 participants and one participant per institution initially. If space permits, institutions may be allowed to send more than one participant.

  • Review the document on electronic bookplates (Lori, Lynn and Kavita)

Due to fact that the response from the OPAC Team was not received until March 27th, this item was tabled. A revised document will be presented at the May meeting.

  • ICAT Recommendations for Managing RDA Data in I-Share

After a brief discussion it was decided to send an announcement about the revised recommendations to the TechServ mailing list. Nicole volunteered to send the announcement and she also reported that there will be an announcement in the next CARLI newsletter.


  • ICAT Annual report, due May 6 (Lori)

After a brief discussion it was determined that Lori would draft the annual report, send it to ICAT for comments, and then forward it on to IUG through Edith, our IUG Liaison.

  • Article on implementing RDA in the consortial environment (Lynn)

Lynn stated that she was considering writing an article on RDA implementation in the consortial environment and asked if any other ICAT members would be interested in collaborating.  After discussion Kavita, Lori and Deb volunteered.  If anyone else is interested, please contact Lynn.

  • Transition to the Technical Services Committee (Lori)

Jen and Nicole will be the CARLI liaisons to the new Technical Services Committee.  Current ICAT and IACQ members that will be continuing on the new Committee will meet at 3:00 today to select a Chair. The new Chair will be able to attend the May IUG meeting along with the current Chairs. The new committee will also be getting 3 new members from the Call for Volunteers.


  • IUG Report (Edith)

Edith reported that IUG met on March 22nd. They discussed preparations for the March 26th Liaisons meeting.  She also reported on the updated CARLI website.  Problems should be reported to support@carli.illinois.edu


Meeting adjourned at 2:25.

Recorded by Lynnette Fields