I-CAT Team Meeting: March 4, 2013

Conference call

Members attending:  Lori Murphy (DPU) Chair; Lynnette Fields (SIE),  Deborah Morris (ROU),  Kavita Mundle (UIC), Heather Parisi (DOM), Catherine Suchy, (JJC), John Whisler (EIU);  Edith List (PRC, IUG Liaison)

CARLI Staff attending:  Cathy Salika, Nicole Swanson

Absent: Susan Gallagher (UIS), Dennis McGuire (COL)

Old Business

  • Approval of minutes from February 4 meeting.  Approved as distributed.
  • Update on the Spring Forum on RDA for Original Catalogers (Cathy and Nicole)
    • CARLI staff are still making plans with Susan Pritts from the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services to provide in-depth RDA training for original catalogers.  Dates are not established yet, but progress being made.  Training will perhaps take place in mid-May, with two identical one-day sessions so participants can choose the date or location best for them.  Formats to be covered include print monographs, electronic resources, and audiovisual materials.
  • Review of the document on electronic bookplates (Lori, Lynn, Kavita)
    • It was generally agreed that the document would benefit from examples, and we will ask the OPAC Team to assist in assembling a variety of examples.  During the discussion, the general question of donor notes in the catalog was raised, with the pros and cons of holding fields vs. bibliographic fields explored.  We concluded that use of bib 590 fields may be acceptable in our consortial environment because they do not display in VuFind (either in local catalogs or the I-Share catalog) but they do provide valuable keyword access to donor information.  The subcommittee will re-work the recommendations in light of today’s discussion.
  • Review draft revisions of ICAT Interim Recommendations for Managing RDA Data in I-Share (Lori, Lynn, Cathy)
    • After a brief discussion clarifying that Recommendation 3 pertains only to bib fields 336-7-8, the document was approved.  Cathy will guide it through the process of replacing the existing document on the CARLI web site, distribution to the TechSig mailing list, and inclusion in the newsletter.

New Business

  • No new business

Standing Reports

  • IUG report: Edith List reported that the Liaisons Forum will be held March 26, with much good content anticipated.​

Adjourned 2:30 p.m.