I-CAT Team Meeting: February 4, 2013

Conference call

Members attending:  Lori Murphy (DPU) Chair; Lynnette Fields (SIE), Susan Gallagher (UIS), Deborah Morris (ROU), Kavita Mundle (UIC), Heather Parisi (DOM),  Catherine Suchy, (JJC), John Whisler (EIU)

CARLI Staff attending: Cathy Salika, Nicole Swanson 

Absent: Edith List (PRC, IUG Liaison), Dennis McGuire (COL)


Casey Sutherland has announced her retirement.  She will be missed by many.  

Old Business

  • Approval of minutes from December 3 meeting (latest version from Heather on 1/9) Minutes approved.
  • Update on the Spring Forum on RDA for Original Catalogers (Cathy & Nicole)
    • Cathy & Nicole, searching for presenter to take Marjorie’s place Mark Ellert from Minitec, Susan Pritts MCLS, Lynn commented positively on Mark Ehlert.
    • Nicole and Cathy are waiting for confirmation on either speaker. Also recommended was Steven Miller from UW-Madison.
  • Review of ICAT Interim Recommendations for Managing RDA Data in I-Share http://www.carli.illinois.edu/comms/iug/iug-icat/Interim_RDA_recs.pdf
  • Members of the committee reviewed the policy listed above. Discussion points were a possible adoption of RDA when libraries are ready.  Question on the OPAC outcome and discussion on waiting for RDA adoption in view of upcoming technology changes.  
  • Cathy indicated a re-indexing of WebVoyage and VuFind. VuFind will look in both GMD and 3XX for format. OPAC icon 3XX field. Hybrid records was in question from Laurie. A note will be added to:
    Recommendation #1: Supply the General Material Designator [GMD] in the title field (245 $h) as appropriate
    Explanation: RDA catalog records omit the GMD from the 245, preferring the new 3XX fields for this data. However, the various I-Share online public catalog interfaces all use the GMD. Classic WebVoyáge 6 and WebVoyáge 7 (Tomcat) both display the GMD. VuFind utilizes the GMD to create the format facet option for electronic resources and microform. Therefore we recommend continuing the use of the GMD for the time being.
    John indicated to follow OCLC interim policy statement regarding RDA implementation.
    Copyright symbols are not appearing in Batchloading, but are appearing with Import.  Nicole offered to email a ‘work around’ for Batchloading to remedy issue of copyright symbol.

New Business

  • Lori inquired about new business. Nicole inquired about Alexander Street Press Subscriptions (Video Collections) converting AACR2 records to RDA.  Do we need to convert records?  Add 33X, remove GMD?  John asked about placement of records and Cathy indicated records will be placed in corresponding agency subscription holdings / selections.  
  • Alexander Street Press records should appear after March 31. Lynn mentioned that March 31 is date for books.  John and Lynn sought to use OCLC records as they are currently.  Cathy indicated if Alexander  records can be “RDA” updated, that CARLI would update and batchload into library holding.  Cathy will review procedure so correct records are associated with library holdings. Lynn mentioned that LOC does not necessarily upgrade ‘media’ due to the CIP process being primarily book driven.  Cathy checked documentation; 246 tag (Uniform Title) subfields  a b f  n and p  are indexed.  

Standing Reports

  • IUG Report (Edith) Cathy Salika from CARLI shared the following:
    • Cathy mentioned the new operating system moving from Solaris to Linux.  
    • OPAC team will move Hathi Trust  above Google.  ISHARE liasons has ensued in debate?

Note: At our March meeting, we’ll review a draft Best Practices document on electronic bookplates by Lynn, Lori, and Kavita

Next Meeting March 4 John Whisler will be taking minutes.  

Meeting adjourned at 2:24 pm