I-CAT Team Meeting: December 3, 2012

Conference Call

Meeting convened via conference call at 1:30 p.m.

Members attending: Lori Murphy (DPU) Chair; Lynnette Fields (SIE), Susan Gallagher (UIS), Dennis McGuire (COL), Deborah Morris (ROU), Kavita Mundle (UIC), John Whisler (EIU),

CARLI Staff attending: Cathy Salika, Casey Sutherland, Nicole Swanson

Absent: Edith List (PRC, IUG Liaison), Heather Parisi (DOM),


  • Designation of minute taker for next meeting: Heather Parisi
  • Approval of minutes:  Minutes from the November 5, 2012 meeting were approved.

Old Business

  • Update on fall RDA webinars
    • Details about the webinars in regards to their practice time for Lynn and John, final slides, sending reminders about future webinars, were discussed
    • Cathy informed the group about the availability of the survey monkey site for the participants to ask questions
  • Update on RDA training for original catalogers
    • Date and venue of this training with Marjorie Bloss was finalized. CARLI staff is working with UIC to host this training in the city.  
  • Who will be attending the RDA Implementation Strategies meeting on 12/14?
    • Lori informed the group that 23 participants had registered by December 3
    • IACT member participation was requested. Lori will attend the meeting on behalf of IACT and report back to the group

New Business

  • Discussion of RDA Resources page on the CARLI site (Nicole)
    • Nicole reported that she updated the CARLI RDA Resources page last week about the various training opportunities, webinars, books, articles so that it stays current
  • Should ICAT do a best practice document on electronic book plates?  (See email from Cathy sent 11/27)
    • Cathy Salika began the discussion by giving us a background about the email that CARLI support received about the best way to do virtual bookplates. Although ICAT has not yet issued any best practices document, the group felt it important to pursue it further. Many I-share libraries are eliminating bookplates and want to add ebook plates. Also, libraries have been adding donor information notes (although copy-specific) in bib (MARC fields-500, 562) and mfhd records. The bib notes do not display in either VuFind or WebVoyage. The mfhd notes do display and can be searched in WebVoyage and not in VuFind. Cathy suggested to create an electronic bookplate and add that information only in a mfhd in $u where one could add a URL to link to the virtual bookplate. The group decided to have some examples and work on this project next year. Lori suggested forming a small sub-group to work on this project. Lori, Lynn, and Kavita volunteered to work on creating the best practices document.

Standing Reports

IUG Report (Edith): This agenda item was tabled for the next meeting in Jan 2013.

Next meeting scheduled for Monday Jan 7, 2013 from 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.