I-Cat Team Meeting: May 01, 2012

Conference call

Meeting convened via conference call at 9:30 A.M.

Members attending: Kristin Martin (UIC), chair; Susan Gallagher (UIS); Dennis McGuire (COL); Lori Murphy (DPU); Heather Parisi (DOM); Emily Prather-Rogers (NCC); Cheryl Wegner (NBY); John Whisler (EIU).

Members absent: Catherine Suchy (JOL).

IUG liaison: Ted Schwitzner

Staff attending: Cathy Salika (CARLI staff liaison) and Casey Sutherland.


  • Approval of minutes: minutes from the April 10, 2012 meeting were approved.
  • Joint Spring Forum with IACQ update: Lori will be filling in for Missy's session as reporter.  Heather reported 101 people have registered.  Cathy won't be able to attend.  Heather, John and Kristin will help with registration.
  • Yearend matters: the Annual Report was accepted.  Kristin will turn it in.
  • Election of new chair: Lori Murphy was elected chair of ICAT for 2012-2013.
  • Members leaving: the terms for Kristin, Emily and Cheryl have ended. 


  • RDA brainstorming: Kristin reported she has updated the ICAT wiki with more training opportunities.  The committee discussed the possibility of providing RDA training.  Cathy mentioned CARLI has avoided doing basic training but RDA might be considered to be a different set of circumstances.  The team then discussed having "train the trainer" sessions for people willing to provide RDA training.  Kristin suggested we find out if funds would be available from CARLI for people to attend webinars and become trainers.  It was decided Susan Singleton (CARLI executive director) needs to be involved since money is involved.  Cathy will get information from CARLI and let the new ICAT team know what she finds out.  It was decided we would talk about this topic at the ICAT "in person" meeting.


  • IUG report: Ted reported IUG had their April meeting.  He reminded us the ICAT annual report was due and invited our current chair, Kristin, and the chair-elect, Lori, to the May IUG meeting.  Ted also reported the four new community colleges are joining I-Share: Richland, Morton, S.E. Illinois and S.W. Illinois
  • Dennis mentioned Voyager 8.2 will be out the end of 2012.  Voyager 9 should be out the summer of 2013.
  • Casey asked if we are still meeting June 12.  The committee decided to keep the meeting on the books in case we want to discuss the forum.  We will have our "in person" meeting in July.
  • The ICAT team thanked Kristin for the excellent job she did chairing the committee. 

The meeting adjourned at 10:31 A.M. 

Submitted by Susan Gallagher