I-Cat Team Meeting: April 10, 2012

Conference Call

Meeting convened at 9:30 A.M.

Members attending: Kristin Martin (UIC), chair, Susan Gallagher (UIS), Dennis McGuire (COL), Lori Murphy (DPU), Emily Prather-Rodgers (NCC), Cheryl Wegner (NBY), John Whisler (EIU)

Members absent: Heather Parisi (DOM), Catherine Suchy (JOL)

IUG liaison: Ted Schwitzner (present)

Staff attending: Cathy Salika (CARLI staff liaison), Casey Sutherland


  • Minutes from the February meeting were approved.

  • The May meeting was rescheduled to May 1 at 9:30 a.m.

Tasks Assigned

  • Dennis will call Catherine Suchy to determine her availability for speaking during the cataloging breakout sessions during the upcoming joint I-Acq/I-CAT forum.

  • Cheryl will determine the availability of security for computers and projectors that will be provided for the upcoming joint forum.

  • Members should send any comments about Casey’s proposed updates to OC14 to the list by the end of the week.  If no comments are received, she will revise the “Suggested Priorities for Bibliographic, Holding, and Item Record Maintenance” to include all recent updates.

  • Kristin will draft the committee’s annual report and send it to the list.

  • All members should revisit the RDA training wiki and update it with any training opportunities they become aware of.

  • Kristin will send a link to OCLC’s white paper on possible changes within their database as a result of RDA.


  • Joint I-Acq/I-CAT Spring Forum: Handouts are due no later than April 20th.  If Catherine is unavailable to speak about cataloging workflows and issues, the committee will need to find other volunteers.  Emily is available for the first break out session.  Kristin may be able to find someone at UIC to speak from a large-library perspective.  If any questions about the forum come up, they should be sent to the joint listserv.  There is a tentative meeting scheduled for next week to finalize forum details.

  • New Maintenance Priorities: Casey has posted the OCLC # formatting query.  It includes 10 queries and 5 macros.  The revised version of OC14 looks for biographies that lack subject headings.  Before posting the project, she will correct the typo of “biography” in query B and add a statement encouraging librarians doing the project to re-familiarize themselves with the guidelines for coding bibliographic records as biographies.

  • Year-end matters: Kristin, Emily, and Cheryl will rotate off of the committee on June 30.  All members should encourage colleagues (particularly those at under-represented institutions) to apply for committee membership by April 30.  The committee will review and approve the annual report during its May 1 meeting.  The committee thanked Kristin for her service.

  • RDA Brainstorming: The committee discussed its role in the upcoming transition to RDA now that the Library of Congress has announced a full implementation date of March 2013. 

    • Historically, CARLI has not been involved in cataloging training, and there are not known to be any RDA experts within CARLI at this time.  Possibilities for ICAT include: encouraging members to attend the recorded versions of Library of Congress training, hiring an expert to offer multi-day intensive workshops, pointing people in the direction of training, using ICAT forums to address local problems that may arise or as follow-up to web based training to address how to adapt workflows and records for CARLI. 

    • I-CAT will also have a role in advising the OPAC team on how to translate RDA into useful VuFind outputs to facilitate the user experience. 

    • I-CAT may consider developing a CARLI/RDA core field set, based on either the Library of Congress core fields or future recommendations from PCC or BIBCO.

    • I-CAT may need to discuss how to deal with a mixed record environment and the need for clean-up projects

    • I-CAT will need to consider how the committee members can gain a stronger knowledge of RDA in order to facilitate discussions among members.

  • IUG Report: IUG is finalizing plans for their webinar on Friday, April 13 to update the CARLI community on their current activities and to seek input for future projects. They are also working on their ELUNA presentation.