I-Cat Team Meeting: October 11, 2011

Meeting held via conference call

Members attending: Kristin Martin (UIC), chair, Susan Gallagher (UIS), Dennis McGuire (COL), Lori Murphy (DPU), Heather Parisi (DOM), Emily Prather-Rogers (NCC), Catherine Suchy (JOL), Cheryl Wegner (NBY), John Whisler (EIU)

Members absent: None

IUG liaison: Ted Schwitzner

Staff attending: Cathy Salika (CARLI staff liaison), Casey Sutherland, Jessica Gibson


  • Minutes of the September meeting were approved
  • The genre/form headings document was approved and Cathy Salika will upload it (with corrections to some capitalization) to the website.
  • Casey will cut OC12.F from the new maintenance project.

Tasks Assigned

  • Members who have not yet filled out the Doodle Poll for the joint ICAT/IACQ conference call should do so.
  • The team will continue to test the new maintenance project until Oct. 25.
  • Kristin will send out, via email, the document about using Dominican GSLIS students in member libraries. The team should review by Oct. 14.Ted will check with IUG to see what information regarding CARLI’s plans for e-book acquisitions could be shared at the joint spring forum
  • Ted will discuss implications of indexing 653 with the OPAC team.
  • By the next meeting, Kristin will write up a summary of our discussion about whether to create MARC records for digital images.  Jessica will add this to the documentation.


  • The Fall Forum is on track so far.
  • The Spring Forum will be held May 4, 2012 at the Newberry Library.  A conference call with the members of ICAT and IACQ is being planned.  Anyone who has not yet filled out the Doodle poll with the times they are available should do so as soon as possible.  Any ideas for presentation or discussion topics are welcome.  Ideas so far:
    • Sources for e-books
    • Overdrive
    • Baker & Taylor
    • Readers (the electronic kind)
    • Update on what CARLI is doing to support e-books.
  • Dominican GSLIS student practicums.  Kristin wrote a document summarizing the decisions about using Dominican GSLIS students in member libraries and sent it to Heather.  The person who coordinates student practicums approved it, so it will be send next to ICAT for review.  If approved, the document will be sent to member libraries via the Tech-Serv list, possibly as a Cataloging Tips and Tricks.  Cathy Salika will see if it can be included in the newsletter as well.
  • Maintenance Project OC12.  The project is to 1) identify uniform titles and correct them and 2) try to identify records that don’t have UTs, but might need them.  The impetus behind this is trying to clean up as much as possible in preparation for the XC, which will rely heavily on UTs in aggregating records.  (This will not include music records.  Casey will welcome suggestions/feedback from music catalogers on how best to proceed with those.)  Casey expects that running these queries will pick up a lot of records and she recommends running them in order.  John did part of this project and found that it is indeed a big project.  He observed that sometimes it is difficult to determine if a UT is needed.  The team felt that OC12.F was a lot of work for not much gain and decided to cut it from the project.  We will continue to test the project for two more weeks, until Oct. 25.
  • Cataloging digital items.  CARLI has provided documentation, etc. to member libraries for using WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway.  Does ICAT want to provide guidelines to member libraries about creating these records and loading them in I-Share?  Kristin said that UIC tried it and found it buggy and that the resultant headings were not necessarily AACR2-compliant.  They decided not to use it.  Cathy Salika said that member libraries would have to add a huge number of these small records to significantly impact storage space.  Further, she does not believe there is any sort of contractual issue with ExLibris.  From the discussion, several considerations were identified:
    • How would this affect search results?
    • Is the data from these records distinctive enough?
    • There may be advantages to having all your data in a single database.  Doing authority work may be more feasible, although the mapping may not be granular enough.
    • Member libraries should look at the CatER recommendations regarding the use of the 856 field in I-Share.
    • Casey guesses that there is nothing in VuFind that would distinguish these as records for digital images.  John (?) suggested that perhaps they could be distinguished by location.
  • There was further discussion about the mapping of subjects.
  • At present, the 653 field is not indexed in VuFind subject index.  We could ask the I-Share OPAC Team if they would be willing to reconsider.  Casey pointed out that there is still a fair amount of legacy data in 653s in I-Share.
  • VuFind does index the 690, although that is a local field and would not be retained in WorldCat.
  • We could ask the I-Share OPAC Team where they would recommend that subjects should map. Upon investigation, Kristin found that the Digital Collection Gateway does now allow for mapping to the 650 field, so libraries can do this, but will need to consider whether the terms truly are controlled subject headings.

IUG Report

The team met 3 weeks ago.  There are no directives.

Some information:

  • The annual CARLI meeting will be Nov. 9, 2011 at 10:00 am.
  • The CARLI Board is planning to disband the Products and Services Vetting Committee once a new mechanism is in place to handle the committee’s responsibilities.
  • The CARLI Board now recommends that 5 circulating copies of any title are sufficient to meet the needs for sharing within I-Share libraries (see full recommendation here: http://www.carli.illinois.edu/mem-prod/I-Share/docs/I-ShareNum_CopiesRec.pdf). So far there has been little comment in regards to this recommendation.
  • The Board is working on what to do about individual libraries’ and UC data when more than one library subscribes to a particular tool.
  • There is a meeting on Oct. 28 on the topic of e-books on the consortial level.  Topics will include the issues of ownership and resource-sharing, etc.  Participants will include the IUG, the Collections Working Group, the E-resources Working Group and CARLI staff.
  • In the coming months, the IUG will create a webinar about IUG issues.  It is intended to serve as information to the community about what the IUG does.
  • The IUG has been asked to create an open house on patron-driven acquisition issues.

Meeting adjourned at 10:57 am
Submitted by Cheryl Wegner