I-Cat Team Meeting: September 13, 2011

Conference Call

Members attending: Kristin Martin (UIC)—chair, Susan Gallagher (UIS), Lori Murphy (DPU), Heather Parisi (DOM), Emily Prather-Rodgers (NCC), Cheryl Wegner (NBY), John Whisler (EIU)

Members absent: Dennis McGuire (COL), Catherine Suchy (JOL)

IUG Liaison: Ted Schwitzner

Staff attending: Cathy Salika (CARLI staff liaison), Casey Sutherland, Jessica Gibson


  • Minutes of the July 26th meeting were approved
  • ICAT Fall Forum Webinars will be presented live and recorded on the following dates:
  • November 14, 1:30-3:00. The I-Share Way (Casey).  An overview of what an experienced librarian who recently moved to Illinois should know about I-Share
  • November 15, 1:30-3:00.  I have a problem, How do I fix it? (Cathy, Emily, Kristin) An overview of the tools that are available to I-Share librarians and how they can be used to solve problems in the catalog
  • November 16, 9:30-11:00.  Cataloging an e-journal (Kristin.  A review of the Cat-ER e-journal cataloging mini-report)
  • All materials for the Fall Forum are due to Cathy by the November 8th ICAT meeting. Titles are due by Oct. 10.
  • Kristin will compose a list of things she didn’t know about I-Share when she moved to Illinois.  She will share it with the team via the e-mail discussion list.  Team members should add to and comment on the list.
  • Emily will compose a list of problem-solving tools and share it with the team via the e-mail discussion list.  Team members should add to and comment on the list.  Cathy, Kristin, and Emily will schedule a conference call to discuss the details of the presentation.
  • The team will host a joint Spring Forum with I-ACQ sometime between April 20th and May 4th in the Chicago area.  The morning session will probably be an overview of the life cycle of the ebook, and the afternoon will be spent in breakout sessions.  Cheryl will inquire about hosting the forum at the Newberry.  Team members should share ideas for topics by e-mail within the next week.
  • Cathy will post the revised interim recommendations for RDA on the CARLI website.
  • Kristin will send a reminder to the TechServ e-mail list that ICAT has created a Wiki page with a list of RDA training opportunities.
  • Kristin will revise the Genre/Form Heading recommendations to state that ICAT is keeping an eye on the thesaurus’ progress but does not have any recommendations at this time.  The document will be ready for approval at the October ICAT meeting
  • Emily, Kristin, and Cathy will mention the option of hiring Dominican students as interns as a “tool” during their webinar.  Heather will send information about the Dominican internship and practicum programs to the TechServ e-mail list.
  • Kristin will e-mail Felix in response to his question about cataloging free e-resources.  ICAT will not provide recommendations to the I-Share libraries about what they can and cannot catalog.  Ted will mention the team’s discussion to IUG.


  • The team discussed ideas for the Fall Forum Webinars.  Some potential topics for the I-Share Way include where bibliographic records come from, how to deal with the universal catalog, cataloging policies and procedures, and important maintenance and authority control procedures.  Some of the tools to be covered in the I Have a Problem session include getting fresh records from OCLC and Dominican student interns.  Kristin believes that preparations for her e-journal presentation will be straightforward.
  • The team discussed possible topics for breakout sessions for the Spring Forum.  Ideas include discussion tables based on size of library, ask the expert, and cataloging and acquisition issues.  The importance of focusing on what the cataloging and acquisitions communities can learn from one another was emphasized.  The chairs of IACQ and ICAT anticipate approximately 150-180 attendees.
  • Kristin has been updating the RDA training list wiki and encouraged other team members to contribute.  She is willing to post workshops that others find if they’re not comfortable with updating the wiki.  The number of forums and workshops that are being presented is increasing and many include online practice with the toolkit.  Most of the workshops do charge a modest fee.
  • The Genre/Form Heading recommendation document has not been developed any further because of unanswered questions.  Cheryl has not been able to find any examples of complex changes.  OCLC isn’t yet sure of their clean-up plans.  Clean-up in I-Share is complicated by the fact that the headings are still a work in progress.  At this time, the new headings have no effect on the user’s ability to find records in the catalog since Voyager (and XC in the future) is not doing anything differently based on indicator values in 655 fields.
  • There are two ways to take advantage of the skills of Dominican students.  The practicum program requires students to work 120 hours over the span of a semester.  Broad experience at a library is preferred.  Internships are paid or unpaid and designed around a project for two weeks or longer.  The hiring library must write a job description, which Dominican faculty will use to recruit students.  ICAT would like to design a project that would help the consortium as a whole but is unsure how to facilitate this type of project without providing a supervisor and login credentials for every site.  As an example, ICAT discussed the clean-up of records where an 019 in the university catalog is also listed in an 035 in another record. Although individual libraries can clean up and merge such records when they happen within their separate databases, this does not address the situation where one I-Share library has used one OCLC record for a resource, and another I-Share library has used different OCLC record for the same title, and that record now includes the first OCLC number in the 019. These records should be merged, but that would require changing one of the records in the member’s database as well as in I-Share.  In the future, ICAT may develop a template description for suggested projects with a description of the supervising library’s responsibilities.  ICAT will continue to think about if there’s a way to do maintenance in the UC that will help libraries in general.
  • ICAT received a question about how to deal with free resources and whether or not libraries should catalog them.  ICAT members agree that we cannot tell libraries what they can and cannot catalog but that we can think about how to facilitate making it obvious that free resources that appear in the UC are available to all users.  The team discussed trying to find a way to make batch loads of free records available to everyone, but Casey pointed out that this had been done with CRL records and the response was extremely low.  ICAT agreed that we cannot offer any solutions at this point but that libraries should be reminded of the guidelines for dealing with records from non-OCLC sources.

IUG Report

  • IUG has not met since prior to ICAT’s July meeting.  They are working towards a joint IUG, Collections Working Group, Electronic Resources Working Group meeting to discuss issues related to consortial ebook purchasing.

Meeting adjourned at 11:16 a.m.
​Submitted by Emily Prather-Rodgers