I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: November 14, 2012

Conference Call

Present: James Edstrom (WRH – Chair), Tom Goetz (WRH – IUG Liaison), Carol Rhoades (ISU), Jen Masciadrelli (CARLI), Carol Doyle (NU), Eric Nygren (NBY), Joan Schuitema (NEI), Stephen Smith (UIC), Tonya Webb (UIU)

Not Present: John Ballestro (SIC), Sharon Nelson (NIU)

Confirm Minute Taker: Carol Doyle

Approval of October 24 Minutes: Approved


CARLI Report – Jen

  • CARLI is hosting Archon for governing members. Archon is used to manage archival information.
  • There is a survey going out to see if any one else is interested in joining I-Share. CARLI will soon have a completely redesigned website.    
  • Report from Tom – IUG Liaison
  • IUG met before CARLI annual meeting and Tom asked about the cataloging group and their charge – they were fine with it as written, so are we ok with the new charge? They are planning a forum in the spring for those who are liaisons, there are 80 liaisons total (one for each I-Share library).  He hoped it would be at U of I but the venue is too small. The focus will be on issues that are relevant to liaisons. We have a liaison forum every 3 or 4 years.  
  • IUG probably has biggest change to charge.  This group will not have a liaison to IUG anymore, and IUG will be incorporated to library systems committee.  The new library systems committee will be taking over some of the discovery and OPAC initiatives.  A member of the committee asked if we wanted liaison, could we have one and Tom said yes.  We will write up a report to the board at end of year what we’ve done.

Old Business

Jim is working on a webinar about reconciling voyager with institutional accounting systems. Other potential topics include fund structure changes, accounting for e-resources. We will have another webinar about ledgers in the spring.

Forums and Open Houses
Jen said that John had not yet heard back from Lynn. It seemed like we were going to ask for a date in spring for UIUC for an open house. Tonya said she thought there were specific dates – will look at e-mail will let us know

Jim asked if we were at the point in the year when we should be speaking about forums. Tom mentioned that if we have done open houses, we might not need to do a forum. We have the hosting institution determine what they talk about at their open houses. Jim said that it might make sense for the combined tech services committee to work on a forum, or, how about a joint forum? Jen said maybe we should think about if there is a school anyone is interested in hearing from, we can share that on the list and we can approach them about hosting an open house.  

Jen then encouraged us to think about places to host open houses. More open houses this year rather than a big forum might be a way to go.  Jim said he was impressed with the annual meeting this year. Impressed with the RDA session which was conducted by Cathy and Nicole.    

Committee Restructuring
Is every one ok with the new charge? We have until November 16th to respond. Everyone is ok with the new structure.  

New Business

No new business