I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: October 24, 2012

Conference Call

Present: James Edstrom (WRH – Chair), Tom Goetz (WRH – IUG Liaison), Sharon Nelson (NIU), Carol Rhoades (ISU), Jen Masciadrelli (CARLI), Carol Doyle (NU), Eric Nygren (NBY), Joan Schuitema (NEI), Stephen Smith (UIC), John Ballestro (SIC), Tonya Webb (UIU)  

Minute taker:  Carol Doyle


CARLI Report – Jen

  • Adding four libraries to I-Share system. People from these libraries came to the office for systems administration training and they should be up and running by January 2013. CARLI annual meeting is November 9th. 
  • There was discussion about remote meetings and Jen mentioned that from the feedback there is a desire to have at least one in-person meeting.   Circulation training might be offered twice.  

Report from IUG Liaison - Tom

  • New committee structure coming up in July – IUG will be renamed systems group, and this group may have some of the biggest changes.    There will no longer be a discovery or OPAC team and the group then discussed these changes.
  • There is the possibility of an I-Share liaison forum tentatively scheduled for week of March 18th in Chicago.  Ideas for this forum are liaison roles, loaning media, tour of new website.    
  • The teams have been working on reviewing their charges.  Tom mentioned the instruction team and their discussion of things they do outside of IUG.  He also mentioned role of information literacy in teaching critical thinking skills as an instruction team objective.  ICAT up to ears on RDA issues.  For the future, looking at ancillary products through Voyager.    

Old Business

Webinars: James mentioned that the first webinar will be on reconciliation and we settled on a date of Wednesday November 28th.  Jen said that we don’t need to have a registration form, we will be recording it – VOIP only. A discussion followed about a webinar in the spring on ledgers.  

Forums and Open Houses: Jen said there is usually one forum a year. John mentioned he spoke to Lynn Wiley at UIC who wants to do an open house.  A discussion then took place about going through feedback list and seeing what the major themes are based on feedback.  From there, we can provide an open house addressing those themes.  Jen mentioned an e-book forum.  Tom said he will send topics to the group and we can discuss these at the next meeting and who can work together on these.

New business

There was a discussion about new committee structure and if committee members go on to two committees.  Xxx  (was it Tom or Jim) said we don’t have a sense of restructuring at this time.  Jen and xxx (don’t know who) thought the charge was large and that maybe there would need to be subcommittees.  

Jim asked what everyone thought about the wording for this committee’s charge.  Eric felt the wording works well.  What would non-Voyager users think of this?  Eric mentioned that in terms of acquisitions, it seems like there would be issues that affect all members of CARLI.  There was a further discussion about the wording of the charge and that the board would like feedback by November 16th.  Jen will find out about the discussion concerning ICat and will send feedback to us.