I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: April 18, 2012

Conference call

Members present: Christophe Andersen (COL), John Ballestro (SIC, Co-Chair), James Edstrom (WRH), Lynn Fields (SIE), Melissa Laytham (NPU, Co-Chair), Sharon Nelson (NIU), Carol Rhoades (ISU), Joan Schuitema (NEI)

Members absent: Stephen J. Smith (UIC), Megan Bernal (DPU, IUG Liaison)

Staff Present: Jen Masciadrelli (CARLI)

Meeting commenced at 10:30 a.m.

Minute taker for this meeting was confirmed as Carol.

New Business

It was decided that new business would be addressed first so that all members of the team would be present for the discussion.  The priority for the team was to determine who would chair the committee in the upcoming year.  This was an issue that needed to be decided before the May 18IUG meeting, as this person or persons would be invited to attend that meeting.  Questions were asked about the responsibilities that are involved in being team chair.  It was explained that the bulk of the work involved putting out an agenda for each team meeting the week before the meeting took place as well as planning and coordinating forums.  John suggested that he prefers co-chairs as this provides back up for the role.  Jim graciously volunteered to chair the committee.  There is hope that another member will volunteer to co-chair after having time to consider the appeal. 

Minutes of the March 21st meeting were approved.


CARLI Report – Jen

Jen reminded everyone that the call for team volunteers was open until the end of the month.  To date there had been a combined total of ninety three volunteers for all committees.  There will be a meeting in May to discuss the volunteers so they can select people and let them know they have been selected as soon as possible.

The PDA project is moving forward.  There is no feedback as of yet on turnaround time, how long it takes for items to get to the requestor.

IUG Report-Megan was not present to give a report.

Old Business

Open houses

  • John reported that he had not heard back from UIUC about hosting an open house.  Lynn suggested that we put that one off until the fall.
  • Jen reported that EIU had agreed to host an open house on May 17. It will be held from 10:00am until 3:00pm.  They can accommodate twenty people.  Among the day’s activities there will be an overview of how technical services functions are organized at Booth Library, a tour of the library and an opportunity to view library exhibits.

Meeting Dates    

The next IACQ meeting is scheduled for May 16th.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

C. Rhoades