I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: March 21, 2012

Conference Call

Note: Our meeting was preceded by a joint "tempiacqiacat" team conference call from 10:30-11:00 a.m.  (separate minutes will be provided).

Members present: John Ballestro (SIC, co-chair), Jim Edstrom (WRH), Lynn Fields (SIE), Missy Laytham (NPU, co-chair), Sharon Nelson (NIU), Carol Rhoades (ISU), Joan Schuitema (NEI), Stephen Smith (UIC), Jen Masciadrelli (CARLI).

Meeting convened at 11:00 a.m.

Confirm minute taker (Sharon).

Approval of Jan. 18 minutes – approved as submitted.


CARLI Report – Jen: The Discovery Forum was well-attended. The purchase-on-demand (POD) project seems to be going smoothly, but Jen has not yet seen statistics on turnaround time between request and request fulfillment.  CARLI staff is involved in planning for lots of upcoming events, including client training for various modules. There was a brief discussion about likelihood of someone being waitlisted for module training actually getting in, and the frequency with which module training is being offered.

Report from IUG Liaison – Megan: Megan is out sick today but Jen mentioned IUG is planning a webinar on April 13 (in lieu of a liaisons' forum) for attendees to learn about IUG, I-Share and the CARLI website, etc.  IUG is also presenting a talk at ELUNA this year about consortial services.

Old Business:

Open Houses Planning for Spring

Report from John – UIUC: Lynn Wiley has been on sabbatical, but John will follow up with her in April. It sounds like the open house is something they can do, but probably not until June.

Report from Jen – EIU: Jen sent a reminder to Marlene and she responded they can do an open house and are looking at May 17. However there is no confirmation as to time, etc. yet.

Really Final Review of Wiki Documents!  - see Jen’s email of 3/14/12 for current document – Christophe, John, Jen, Sharon:  The most current spreadsheet is dated March 14. On March 20 Sharon sent out the revised "Standing Orders and Continuations" document that she and Christophe worked on. Jen and Sharon are working on the cancellation documentation. Jen thinks that with the exception of these two outstanding documents, we are done with the review.  Missy suggested that some of the revised documentation might make a good basis for some brief webinars next year.

New Business:

Missy reminded us that new chair(s) need to be chosen soon (before IUG joint meeting with incoming and outgoing chairs, and the end-of-year report).  The IUG meeting is May 18. Members should think about chairing, and the selection of chair(s) should be listed as an agenda item for our April meeting. The CARLI call for general volunteers usually goes out in April as well.

The April 2012 meeting was originally scheduled as an in-person meeting but has been changed to call-in by consensus.

The meeting concluded at 11:19 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Sharon Nelson