I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: January 18, 2012

Conference Call

Members Present:  Jim Edstrom (WRH), Carol Rhoades (ISU), Lynn Fields (SIE), John Ballestro (SIC, co-chair)), Missy Laytham (NPU, co-chair), Christophe Andersen (COL), Joan Schuitema (NEI), and Stephen Smith (UIC).

Members Absent: Megan Bernal (DPU, IUG Liaison), Sharon Nelson (NIU)

Staff Present: Jen Masciadrelli

John noted that the date was listed incorrectly on the December minutes.  Jen will make the necessary change.  The minutes were approved.

CARLI report

Jen Masciadrelli reported that CARLI staff have been diligently working on PDA (patron drive acquisitions) project with UIU.  It had been hoped that the pilot could start last week, but they have encountered a number of workflow issues.  They now hope to to start the project in February, pending testing. 

John noted that he had heard CARLI is considering infusing bibliographic records from Google Books into the consortial catalog.  Jen replied that CARLI is actually looking at books from Hathi Trust, some of which are also in Google.  

Jen noted that CARLI is also moving all of their servers to a new data center at the Urbana campus.  More information will be forthcoming.

IUG Report: 

Megan was not present to give her report.

Wink tutorials

Jen reported that she has not yet received a login for accessing usage statistics for Google analytics, but she will send the information when she obtains that access.

There has been no feedback on the tutorials, suggesting that people are fairly familiar with procedures.  Jen noted that determining what people need is one of CARLI’s greatest challenges.  It was suggested that we not create any more tutorials until we get more requests.  Stephen suggested that we survey attendees at the Spring Forum along these lines, perhaps with a question on the Forum’s evaluation form.  There was some discussion concerning the difficulty of finding these tutorials when needed.  Missy suggested establishing linking to additional locations.

Discussion of joint planning conference call (1/12/12)

Kristin had sent out an outline of the topics to be covered at the forum.  We will need to flesh out the acquisitions portions of the day’s sessions.  The basic pattern will include a general morning session on the life cycle of an e-book.  We reviewed the updated outline.  There was some discussion concerning the session on “Acquisitions and E-books:  the Nitty Gritty.”  Christophe asked how we could organize it in such a fashion that it stays focused.  Jim suggested that a member of IACQ act as a moderator.  Joan suggested that the moderator should coordinate the session beforehand.  Christophe would be willing to act in this function; he asked for volunteers to work with him.  He’ll talk to Sharon Nelson to see if she would be interested.

Missy indicated that she’d like to ensure that questions from the survey be answered during the course of the day, especially the first question.  Joan noted that she was particularly struck by the fact that almost everything that was on the survey is also on the program.  She had some concerns that there’s too much material to cover in only 25 minutes.  Jen responded that that we should emphasize that this will be an overview that won’t necessarily address every issue and that it will also depend upon who the speakers are.  John added that this outline is still just a draft and that we can tell the speakers that this outline provides a starting point for their remarks.  Stephen also noted that the breakout sessions are intended to build upon the overview in the morning.  Jen suggested that we can have a note-taker at each session as well.

Missy brought up the possibility of running the acquisitions session as one breakout that would run over the entire afternoon.  We could also produce handouts summarizing the joint team’s recommendations available for attendees.

John asked what our role in part III (Managing Your Access:  Troubleshooting Workflow) would be.  Lynn replied that Chris Bulock from SIE is interested in presenting at this session.

Joan indicated that she would be willing to help moderate section III discussing the management of workflows across departments (acquisitions and cataloging).

Part IV is the responsibility of ICAT.  Lynn volunteered to be the speaker.  Jen will send out an e-mail to both ICAT and IACQ to inform them of our work on the forum thus far.  Missy, Jim, and Carol volunteered to be notetakers for sessions.

Old Business:

Open House Planning

John noted that he talked to Lynn Wiley from UIUC and she indicated that she thought they could host an open house in May or June.  Jen reported that EIU will definitely be able to host, although they don’t have a definite date.

Final review of the Wiki documents

John hasn’t had a chance to review them but will do so before our next meeting.  Jen will send out the updated spreadsheet with items to be reviewed soon.  Christophe indicated that he has finished his portion of the spreadsheet having to do with checking titles.  There was a discussion of links to the wikis.  There will be a need for yet another final review of the spreadsheet.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:44 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Edstrom