I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: December 14, 2011

Conference call

Members Present:  Christophe Andersen (COL), Megan Bernal (DPU, IUG Liaison) Jim Edstrom (WRH), Lynn Fields (SIE), Melissa Laytham (NPU, Co-Chair), Sharon Nelson (NIU), Carol Rhoades (ISU), Joan Schuitema (NEI) and Stephen J. Smith (UIC)

Members Absent: John Ballestro (SIC, Co-Chair)

Staff Present: Jen Masciadrelli (CARLI)

Meeting commenced at 10:35 a.m.

Minute taker confirmed as Lynn.

Approval of November 16 minutes:  The minutes were examined and a few minor changes made. The minutes were approved as amended.

Joan Schuitema from NEI was welcomed to the team.


  • CARLI Report from Jen
    • Mary Burkee has been hired to replace David Hamilton. Her title is E-Resources Program Coordinator.
    • CARLI will begin a Patron Driven Acquisitions project in early January 2012. The project will build on the successful pilot project with UIUC in 2010. Bibliographic records from YBP for recently published print monographs in the social sciences and humanities will loaded into the I-Share Union Catalog. Details are still being worked out. Missy asked if each library will be able to get a list of what their patrons request. Jen will check into that.
    • New UB blocks will take effect January 5, 2012. This is the final stage of the standardization project.
    • Recordings from the recent ICAT webinars are now available on the CARLI website.
    • The CARLI office will be closed for the holidays from December 26-January 2. Someone will be on call for emergencies.
  • Report from IUG Liaison – Megan
    • Minutes from the September 23, 2011 meeting are now available. Kris Hammerstrand reported that Ex Libris is progressing with ALMA, but there isn’t much consortial functionality built in yet. Kris also stated that there is a possibility of a future Ex Libris development visit.
    • The next IUG meeting will be conference call on December 16th.
    • The joint e-book meeting will be discussed at the December 16th meeting.
    • Working on ideas for IUG’s  midwinter informational webinar, including future of the ILS, future of Voyager, working team highlights, review of this year’s IUB Action Plan, and information on what IUG is, and how it relates to “you”.
    • A web based survey will be developed to ascertain what dates in 2012 and 2013 are the best or worst for Voyager upgrades.
    • The next Voyager upgrade will be a big one.

Old Business:

  • Joint ICAT/IACQ Spring Forum Update
    • A joint conference call was held on December 12
    • Jen reported that the survey has been posted. There have been 65 responses to date.
    • The next joint conference call is scheduled for January 12 at 2:00. The survey responses will be discussed at that meeting.
    • Missy pointed out that breaking the group up into sub-committees might be a more effective way to proceed. This will be discussed at the January 12 meeting.
  • Open Houses Planning for Spring
    • Missy reported for John that UIUC is willing to host an open house. Their preferred time is June or late April. We will be in touch with them in the next couple of months.
    • Jen reported that she doesn’t have any more information from EIU. She will follow up with Marlene and email the group.
    • After a brief discussion it was decided to just go with two open houses this year, due to our participation in the Joint ICAT/IACQ Spring Forum.
    • Final Review of Wiki Documents
    • Missy suggested we add a completed column
    • Missy and Christophe gave Joan a brief history of the project.
    • Missy asked Jen about links to the tutorials. Jen stated that the tutorials can be linked directly to the Wiki, and she will add the links.

New Business:

Missy mentioned an email to the SerAcq list about EDI and wondered if any of the IACQ members could help with this.  She will forward the email to the group.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

The next IACQ meeting is scheduled as a conference call for Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 10:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Lynn Fields