I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: October 19, 2011

Conference call

Members Present: Christophe Andersen (COL), John Ballestro (SIC, Co-Chair), Melissa Laytham (NPU, Co-Chair), Sharon Nelson (NIU), Stephen J. Smith (UIC)

Members Absent: Megan Bernal (DPU, IUG Liaison), James Edstrom (WRH), Lynn Fields (SIE), Carol Rhoades (ISU)

Staff Present: Jen Masciadrelli (CARLI)

Meeting Commenced at 10:30.

Minute taker confirmed as Christophe.

September 21 Minutes: Approved with corrections to point 8 (Tabled the webinar discussion for fall and decided to focus on wiki review).

Rebekkah Hall had to resign her position on the Team due to job demands.



  • Database subscription selection is open for the fall.
  • David Hamilton's position has not yet been filled. Interviews are underway.
  • Time-outs and other Voyager issues since the upgrade have been worked out.
  • The CARLI annual meeting webinar will take place on November 9 from 10:00-11:30. David Lenks will be speaking.
  • ICAT will be hosting 3 webinars in November:
    • November 14 – Cataloging in the I-Share Environment
    • November 15 – What’s in Your Toolbox
    • November 16 – Cataloging E-Journals

Megan’s IUG report will be submitted through email.

Old Business:

WiNK tutorials:

  • The team’s feedback has been incorporated into Jen’s survey.
  • Christophe will make the suggested changes to his boolean searching tutorial.
  • Jen will promote the tutorials through email, the CARLI website’s “What’s New” box, and the CARLI newsletter. Missy and Jen will work on the wording of the announcement. Jen will check on the newsletter timing.

Spring Forum:

  • Jen will resurrect the previously used IACQ/ICAT email list by subscribing the new people from both teams and removing previous members.
  • Missy clarified that they are looking to forma a forum planning subcommittee.
  • The full group meeting will be used to group the two committees into smaller groups for forum planning.
  • No one has been designated as a minute taker on the joint phone calls that have already taken place. Notes are spread out amongst the members.
  • CARLI updates about the forum:
    • We will not need to request funds for the use of the Newberry.
    • The forum is confirmed for May 4, 2012.
    • The forum must be over by 3:00 in order to accommodate evening events.
    • Jen has the catering info from the Newberry. CARLI will make a decision on which catering to use.
    • Kris Hammerstrand suggested having a tour of the Newberry after the forum.
    • The Newberry has parking validation deals with 2 local parking garages. Parking is approximately $8-$9 for the day.

Open Houses:

  • The question of whether we should have open houses this year was presented. Missy confirmed that they were not a lot of work to plan.
  • Possible locations were discussed. John will contact Lynn Wiley at UIUC. Jen will talk to Sharon about NIU. Stephen suggested EIU. Jen will contact Karen Whistler about who to talk to at EIU.
  • It was agreed upon that 2 open houses are a reasonable number in addition to the forum.
  • Libraries will be encouraged to pick a date between March and May for their open house.

Wiki Documents:

  • Missy explained her attachment from her 10/18/11 email.
  • If documents or sections on the Wiki don’t need to be updated, we will put a “reviewed” date for future reference.
  • Jen created an Adobe Connection session to work on assignments.
  • The Team reviewed the Acquisitions section and will go over the rest at the November meeting.
  • See the revised document for assignments.

New Business:

  • Since Rebekkah had another year to her term, Jen recommended we find a new person to fill her spot. Jen will talk to CARLI to see if they have ideas. Stephen and Christophe will also check around for interested people.
  • Missy will send a get well card to Carol from the Team.

The next IACQ meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16, 2011 in Champaign.

Respectfully submitted,

Christophe Andersen