I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: September 21, 2011

Conference call

Members present: Christophe Andersen (COL), John Ballestro (SIC, Co-Chair), James Edstrom (WRH), Lynn Fields (SIE), Rebekah Hall (TIU), Melissa Laytham (NPU, Co-Chair), Sharon Nelson (NIU), Stephen J. Smith (UIC)

Members absent: Megan Bernal (DPU, IUG Liaison), Carol Rhoades (ISU)

Staff Present: Jen Masciadrelli (CARLI)

Meeting commenced at 10:30 a.m.

Minute taker for this meeting was confirmed as Stephen.

Minutes from August 24 approved.


CARLI Report - Jen

  • Jen reported that Shelflister 2.0 is now available to all I-Share libraries. Member libraries can use this inventory tool to develop a real time shelflist, provide usage stats for collection analysis, and link to outside resources. It is designed for mobile and laptop devices.

  • The CARLI Board has endorsed the recommendation that five circulating copies of any edition of a UB-eligible monographic title are adequate to meet the routine resource sharing needs of all I-Share participating libraries.

  • CARLI is investigating the circulation client time out issue.

  • David Hamilton recently resigned from CARLI.

There was no report from the IUG Liaison.

 Old Business:

Progress Report on Wink Tutorials

  • It was agreed that IACQ members would view Missy’s tutorial and provide comments to the list. Christophe agreed to finalize his Boolean Searching tutorial next week, and members would comment on the list.

  • Other Tasks

    •  Hosting Location - Jen has the hosting arrangement set to go out to the Acquisitions list.

    • Promotion of New Tutorials - This topic will be discussed at the next IACQ meeting.

    • Survey to Gather Feedback - Jen will provide a draft checklist survey with a link on the tutorial’s webpage and in any messages concerning our tutorials that are sent to the Acquisitions list. IACQ members will provide comment to our list.

Review of IACQ Survey Responses

Lengthy discussion included the following points and questions:

  • Fund allocations appeared to be a topic of reasonable interest and concern to the membership.

  • E-purchasing appeared to be another topic of significant interest. Can this be tied in with fund allocations? Do we want to include aspects of e-purchasing for both monographs and serials, or limit to just one or the other?

  • There was general agreement that IACQ should try to correlate at least some of these topics with our webinars and fall/spring programs.

  • It was suggested that one focus could be on workflows, specifically workflow efficiencies for purchasing of e-books and e-serials, as well as best practices.

  • It was suggested that workflows for purchases of standing orders would also be a useful topic.

This discussion of content distilled from the survey responses folded into discussion of IACQ program offerings for fall and spring.

New Business:

Update on Joint ICAT/IACQ Spring Forum Possibilities - John, Missy, Stephen, Jen

  • There was a summary of the conference call held Aug. 25th with ICAT reps to discuss the idea of “The Journey of the E-Book.” The general focus would be on the workflows and issues surrounding e-books. The initial tentative structure included a morning session as a general overview of the life-cycle process from selection and acquisition, through licensing, cataloging, and access, possibly with a panel of knowledgeable (or at least practicing) folks. The afternoon would be breakout sessions dealing with specific areas or aspects; possibly on the 4 areas of selection/acquisition/cataloging/access, and possibly workflows geared towards the size of individual libraries (small, medium, or large). Some specific content for the breakout sessions included: a) e-book readers and access; b) individual e-book purchases v.s. e-packages; c) implications of purchasing and licensing for title-by-title and packages; d) vendor records for e-books. Various Chicago locations were considered and two tentative dates were discussed.

    IACQ members agreed to the Newberry Library as the tentative location, with Friday May 4th recognized as the preferred date. The structure was also generally agreed to, upon confirmation with ICAT, including a morning session on the overview of workflow with afternoon breakout sessions, the specific content of which will be determined later.

Select Date/Topic for Fall Programming - tabled to focus on document revisions.

Action Items:

  1. Members will view Missy’s and Christophe’s tutorials and provide comment to the list.

  2. Jen will coordinate the next joint conference call with ICAT.

  3. Members will check the wiki for outdated docs or identify a content gap or gaps for currency. Co-chairs will e-mail the group as to what documents are needed.

  4. All 4 tutorials will be published prior to the next meeting.

  5. Jen will have the feedback survey on the tutorials ready by the end of the week.

The next IACQ meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 19th, in Champaign.

Respectfully submitted,

S. Smith