I-Share ACQ Team Meeting: July 27, 2011

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members present: Christophe Andersen (COL), John Ballestro (SIUC, Co-Chair), Lynn Fields (SIUE), Rebekah Hall (TIU), Melissa Laytham (NPU, Co-Chair), Sharon Nelson (NIU), Carol Rhoades (ISU), Stephen J. Smith (UIC)

Members absent: James Edstrom (WRH), Megan Bernal (DPU, IUG Liaison)

Staff Present: Jen Masciadrelli (CARLI)

Guest Present: Susan Singleton (CARLI)

Meeting commenced at 10:30 a.m.

  1. Introductions.

  2. Minute take for this meeting was confirmed as Sharon. Minute-takers for future meetings are as follows:

  • Aug. 24 (conference call) - Carol
  • Sept. 21 (in person) - Stephen
  • Oct. 19 (in person) - Christophe
  • Nov. 16 (conference call) - Jim
  • Dec. 14 (conference call) - Lynn
  • Jan. 18, 2012 (conference call) - Rebekah
  • Feb. 15 (conference call) - Sharon
  • Mar. 21 (conference call) - Carol
  • Apr. 18 (in person) - Stephen
  • May 16 (in person) -  Christophe
  • June 13 (in person) – Jim

CARLI Report

Susan Singleton thanked team members for participating and expressed thanks to team members' supervisors for allowing them to participate. A lot of this year's work has revolved around collections. Susan outlined three major projects/areas of interest underway:

  1. Patron-driven acquisitions: The Patron-Driven Acquisitions pilot provided several valuable insights. Patrons are apparently good at collection development: patron-selected materials circulated at three times the rate of other materials purchased during the same period. The circulation data will continue to be tracked to see if this trend holds up.

    A new PDA project will begin in mid-September, with $70,000 committed on at least a 1-year basis (or until money runs out).

  2. E-books: Libraries are spending increasing funds on e-books, but e-books are a hit on resource sharing because they cannot be borrowed by other libraries. Pricing models are not yet consortially attractive. CARLI will be developing an RFP this fall for issuance in spring of 2012 to see how vendors respond to the idea of consortially-owned e-books. How libraries will need to contribute financially to consortial e-book purchases also needs to be worked out. If Team members have any ideas please send them to Susan. Team members may also be asked to serve on various committees related to this project.
  3. Collection overlap: The Collections Working Group determined that 5 copies of a title held in I-Share is sufficient to fulfill 90% of requests (looked at 2009 imprints). The 5-copy level is a recommendation only and high-demand titles, or titles critical to your collection, should of course be purchased by libraries. Libraries are encouraged to check other libraries' purchases (through GOBI) and current ownership in I-Share as part of their purchasing workflows. The I-Share agreement includes a responsibility to collect, so libraries should not plan to rely on I-Share copies as a replacement for purchasing.

Other topics:

  • Next ILS: ILSes are dis-integrating, splitting backend functions from frontend discovery functions.
  • The Extensible catalog is making good progress. There is a demo available (Jen can send us the link) which shows the public interface to UIUC's data. Additional libraries will be added to the demo in the future. The interface is highly customizable.
  • The 5-library agreement is for 5 years. Right now it is very reasonably priced. There are lots of copies out there (RLG etc.)  but this the first time CARLI has had a consortial-specific "insurance policy."  

Review of CARLI organizational structure and team’s charge (handouts will be provided) – Jen Masciadrelli

Jen handed out the team charge, member list and committee guidelines. Our new IUG liaison will be Megan Bernal from DePaul. Jen reviewed the Team's charge and how its focus has been broadened beyond Voyager in recent years. The amount of lead time required for planning events and for requesting funding was reviewed. Jen will add new team members to the private wiki.

Old business

The June 22 minutes were approved. Jen turned the meeting over to Missy and John.

New business

  1.  Discussion of ongoing and future projects and ideas list.

    • E-resources are a high priority. A joint forum with ICAT about e-resources is a possibility (tie in with spring release of e-book RFP?)

    • We could do webinars and open houses in addition to the forum. Open houses and the forum would be best held in the spring to allow time for preparations. Topics for webinars/open houses might include fund allocations, changing your fund structure in Voyager (why did you change it and how/when did you do so), best practices with interfacing with selectors.

    • Jen will work with Missy and John to develop a SurveyMonkey survey about possible topics and preferred choice of delivery (webinar, open house) to send to the listservs. Add a question about whether respondents would be willing to host an open house at their institution, and a question about the Wink tutorials so as to not send out multiple surveys (see below).

  2. Wink tutorials: the ones in process will be completed. Jen will put them on the CARLI website to take advantage of Google Analytics tracking. Links will be provided in the survey to the tutorials with questions about whether or not respondents found these useful and if so if they would like to see additional ones (and if so, on which topics).

  3. Missy suggested sending out periodic "do you know" messages about Acquisitions functions such as the ones Casey sends out for Cataloging.

  4. Pick dates/topics for open conference calls & webinars: We will hold off on this until the results of the survey are back.

  5. Pick dates/topics for in-person Spring Forum or Open Houses: We will hold off on this until the results of the survey are back. It would be nice to get a mix of large and small institutions for any Open Houses.

  6. Any other project ideas should be sent to Missy and John or the whole group.

No other topics for this meeting mentioned.

Meetings/scheduling:  all starting at 10:30 am: see minutes rotation, above, for dates.

Adjourned 1:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, Sharon Nelson