E-Resources Working Group Meeting: June 10, 2013

Conference Call

Attendance:  Chris Bulock (Chair),  Denise Green, Mary Konkel, Steve McMinn, John Blosser, Joe Mullarkey, Cindy Clennon, Elizabeth Clarage and Mary Burkee


Thank you to outgoing members:  John Blosser, Mary Konkel, Joe Mullarkey and Denise Green


SFX Report:  Denise compiled data January 2010-December 2011 and also Jan.- Dec. 2012. Many similarities from past comparisons, including the large number of Elsevier titles. Other top titles included: JAMA, Psychological Reports, New England Journal of Medicine, and Science. Data from libraries not using CARLI SFX-hosted were not included, including U of I (Chicago and Urbana campuses) and Northwestern.

Possible next steps:

  • Talk with ER contact of U of I and Northwestern to see if their results show any major differences.
  • Cindy will talk with JAMA rep about starting discussion for a possible consortial agreement and whether their proposed saving would attract member interest.

EBSCO lost/added titles usage data:  While ERWG doesn’t recommend a formal statement from CARLI to EBSCO, it supports a conversation during the next negotiation and a reminder that communication is critical. Also, perhaps an opportunity to suggest additional titles that WE want to add. In reviewing dropped/added report, it was interesting that total usage for dropped titles and total use for added titles were very similar.  Cindy will send data on which Taylor & Francis titles were most used, as well as most used EBSCO titles overall--  Harvard Business Review, American Journal of Public Health, Time, and USA Today, to name a few.

Usage statistics forum planning: Most likely an October date, with a central Illinois location preferred. Steven will check with U of I Springfield, as a possible location.
Program Ideas:
•    Plan to invite the 4 speakers who were unable to make our Spring Forum due to snow storm issues.
•    Perhaps a redux/review for our keynote—a Usage Stats 102.
•    A “how-to” session by CARLI
•    How do we tie usage stats to renewals?  
•    Do we want a keynote?

FY2014 Selection System status report: 125 libraries participated resulting in 2,318 individual subscriptions totaling around $7.6 M. This is up from last year. Invoices will be coming after August 1st unless a library requested earlier.

Selection System redesign update:  PIXO out of Urbana http://pixotech.com/ is the design company who will be working on the Selection System redesign. They also did the new CARLI website. Will be having initial conversations shortly. Good response on our survey concerning the redesign—over 50% response rate. In addition to common member comments such as an automatic renewal option or managing the lengthy lists, CARLI staff also have backroom wish lists that they will discuss with the redesign team.

New Business

ERWG Annual:  ERWG Annual Report by Chris and CARLI staff submitted to the Board.

AIP Digital Archive Collection Proposal (added agenda item):   Cindy will get verification of current subscribers and ask them to send a cost estimate.