E-Resources Working Group Meeting: February 11, 2013

Conference Call

Attendance: Chris Bulock (Chair), Jeanne Cross, John Blosser, Mary Konkel, Marisa Walstrum, Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee, Stephen McMinn, Joe Mullarkey  


Alexander Street Press offer update

  • great member response—125 libraries participating
  • top title: American History and Video followed by Education, then Nursing collectionsc) target of April for enabling access
  • current VAST subscribers will be notified about price adjustments

Usage Statistics Webinar and Symposium Update

  • Denise Green is finalizing her slides for the pre-seminar Webinar scheduled for March 11.
  • Planning Committee is finalizing the schedule for the March 25 program. 
  • Call for proposals for breakout sessions was sent. Planning Committee will review after the February 20th deadline.

SBRnet update

Selection System Update 

  • Pricing requests for vendors are being prepared and are on target for a rollout mid-April through mid-May
  • There are no contracts expiring for this FY period.
  • This Summer, CARLI is planning to redesign the selection system which will include updating software and will be hiring a contractual software developer. As we utilize the system this Spring, look at functionality and note any fixes, enhancements, etc. that you would like. An example given was: What about a SELECT ALL CURRENT SUBSCRIPTIONS button?

Other Business

  • No new news on the Ebook RFP which was sent to Purchasing in December
  • We will table the trial for Intelecom until next year in conjunction with a member interest survey. With Alexander Street Press videos rolling out, members will be busy.
  • EBSCO selected the Taylor & Francis titles no longer in Academic Search 
  • Premiere based on lowest usage. Their replacement content is not as valuable. CARLI will ask for greater justification in negotiating/renewing future contracts              
  • Next meeting March 11, 2013