E-Resources Working Group Meeting: November 12, 2012

Conference Call

Attendance: Chris Bulock (Chair), Jeanne Cross, John Blosser,  Denise Green, Mary Konkel, Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee, Stephen McMinn, Joe Mullarkey, Elizabeth Clarage

New Proposals

  1. Spanish in 100 Days: No additional information about licenses or pricing is available. Interest for language software in general ranged from not at all to heavy interest. However there was no interest in this product at all. Consensus was that this product is too specific, there was not enough information provided, and most importantly was considered way over priced. Will decline offer.
  2. Academic Charts Online: International Popular Music: Northwestern had a trial – music librarian thought was pricy at the time and also low value. In general this was recognized as a highly specialized resource. Not sure how many would use this product. Basic chart info can be found elsewhere. Likely low scholarly interest. Some programs not big enough to warrant something this specific. No current CARLI subscribers known. Will decline offer.
  3. Digitalia Hispanica: Ebook and journals in Spanish. Questionable interest for flat fee option. Possibly the title by title offer would work better. Many humanities subjects. Other subject areas of interest including astronomy, art and architecture. Would like to see a title list – in spreadsheet format. Would like to sort by date of imprint. At least one library might need to wait for personnel to be hired before deciding about resource. Looks like MARC records will be easy to use. Some interest/possibility of interest expressed. May be interested in trial in February (or very late January).  No current CARLI customers known. Cindy will follow up. Worth exploring.


  1. Current proposal update: INTELECOM
    Cindy received update. MARC records are available. Each clip has MARC record. Samples are available on their website. Can imbed clips in courseware. Should work with any course system including Blackboard and Desire to Learn (will work with a variety of free courseware too).  Could launch from catalog (maybe launch with imbedded URL). On hold – possible trial in early spring.
  2. Calendar Year selection system update
    We are at 61 libraries (77 last year). Dollar amount is climbing as libraries join. Cindy will send a reminder to libraries to complete selections. Cindy will add Wiley and Springer when and if final decisions are available. She will also check to see if selection videos/podcasts have been used.
  3. Wiley and Springer negotiations update
    Wiley (rep - Tom) responded to questions.
    Springer – not much going on. Their building was damaged by Hurricane Sandy.
  4. Usage Statistics Program update
    Proposal has been approved by board program planning. Doing formal paperwork now. Statistics program committee is meeting at the end of the week to flesh out program. Keynotes will talk about anything we want. The planning group will have to come up with some guidance.

Other Business

  1. ISPG proposal from EBSCO – Have contacted some CODSULI libraries. They seem not interested or want to avoid getting into package. There is no interest in pushing forward. Seems like we are done - no yeses– will decline.
  2. CARLI Board will meet Friday prior to our December meeting.
  3. Survey is out to board members ranking ASP videos. Responses are due by Friday.
  4. DSM 4 – APA is working on pricing for the group.

Next meeting December 10, 2012