E-Resources Working Group Meetingl: October 8, 2012

Conference Call

Attending: Chris Bulock (Chair), Jeanne Cross, John Blosser,  Denise Green, Mary Konkel, Marisa Walstrum, Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee, Stephen McMinn, Joe Mullarkey

Review charge for Commercial Content Committee

  • The committee reviewed and discussed the new charge for the “Commercial Content Committee”.
  • It was agreed that the last sentence of the first paragraph was redundant to the second paragraph. There was a suggestion to delete that last sentence. Cindy will communicate our preference to CARLI.
  • There will be another committee named “Created Content Committee” and the committee discussed the similarities of the names for the purpose of distinguishing ourselves. Cindy will take our suggestions back to CARLI for consideration.
  • The role of the committee with regard to licensing was brought up (it is listed in the previous charge). The 2nd sentence in the 1st paragraph could add, “licensing” to the “negotiating principles” as this needs to be made more explicit.

New Proposal

INTELECOM Online Resources Network

  • There were a few questions including the ability to embed these videos into a LMS, & are there MARC records available? After further review it was found that MARC records are provided (according to the brochure) and that videos may be embedded.
  • Discussion: Is this content of universal interest? The group thinks it is very basic “not high level academic quality”. It may be useful for ABE/ESL or broad/ gen ed & online programs.
  • Cindy will get in touch with the vendor and request access for the CARLI membership to consider the product.
  • The committee will then discuss the details of any agreement (multi-year commitments, terms, etc.)


  1. Selection system: Mary announced that the selection system may open later this week or next week at the latest.indy will include the podcast in the selection system email for first time users (or anyone needing a refresher).
  2. ACS: Educational Core package – CARLI has just received the pricing info. Question: What if libraries have already renewed this subscription for the year? Cindy will ask about this. 
  3. Purchase/subsidization project: Still under consideration. Next CARLI board meeting Dec 7th.
  4. ISPG Proposal (http://www.carli.illinois.edu/mem-prod/e-resources/propose/comm-view.php): No update.
  5. Usage stats program: Webinar concept idea discussion. No keynote yet/ no response. Proposal submission deadline has passed (program planning committee). Other great ideas: a panel, Usage stats to determine student learning (ROI), etc.
  6. EBSCO access issues – How common and serious is this issue? EBSCO has had reports from about 4 libraries in IL. Tech support would like to know if we can duplicate the issue – contact them. Mary will forward the message from EBSCO support to the committee.
  7. Wiley and Springer negotiations: 
  • Cindy contacted Wiley with concerns two weeks ago and has not heard back.
  •  Springer – 3 and 5 year terms proposed. Changes in this new agreement – one single list vs subscribed list & non-subscribed title list w/ archival access to both lists. This has caused some confusion with libraries. In process of negotiating terms of license agreement. Things are moving along.

Other items

Next meeting November 12, 2012