E-Resources Working Group Meeting: September 10, 2012

CARLI Office

Attending: Chris Bulock (Chair), Jeanne Cross, John Blosser,  Denise Green, Mary Konkel, Marisa Walstrum, Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee, Stephen McMinn, Joe Mullarkey

Guests: Elizabeth Clarage, Susan Singleton


Susan Singleton, CARLI Executive Director: The CARLI Board will be reviewing committee charges and their membership scope. Committees will then have an opportunity to review. Goal is by July 2013 to have more collaboration, equal status, and more freedom to participate in any group’s discussion. Committee meeting agendas will need to come out sooner, so interested Board members can decide if they wish to attend.

Susan also solicited ideas from ERWG about possible CARLI consortial purchase which would be appealing to the entire membership.

CARLI Website redesign in process (October rollout planned) 


  1. Recommended articles:
  2. We have received pricing from 70% of vendors for Fall Selection (mid-October).
  3. Will now be referred to/called CALENDAR YEAR SELECTION SYSTEM
  4. Minutes for August 13 meeting sent on 9/3.

Committee Communication

Review of E-Resources Working Group Charge

Working group charge. CARLI Board will present any update to us for our review.

Review of 2011-2012 Activities

Cindy updated us on discussions:

  1. CQ Press/Sage (moving slow, so won’t appear in January); Springer journal package (no movement on proposal forthcoming); Wiley journal package (their proposal was not updated with our concerns, especially pricing); JAMA (need to resurrect and renew vendor contact); Britannica (discussion hasn’t begun yet)
  2. We revised our Committee charge
  3. Reviewed numerous proposals—seems more of a focus on niche products
  4. Did SFX review
  5. Worked with all CARLI member libraries and surveyed and reviewed their licensed products. This was deemed a particularly noteworthy and beneficial project.

2012-2013 Activities

  1. New proposal:  ISPG Independent Scholarly Publishing Group Journals Collection: Mild interest among ERWG. May be too high level for undergrad/community college interest. Recommend to field to larger libraries ie. CODSULI for perhaps a subset consortia purchasel. Cindy will do “feelers” and report back to Group.
  2. SCIENCE proposal: Member libraries were surveyed and not enough “new” YES respondents . Need an additional 5 interested libraries (community colleges aren’t considered in this count as AAS already has special pricing for them) to make it a go. Recommendation to send out again in Spring Selection and revisit for perhaps better timing and budgeting opportunity for libraries at that time.
  3. Podcast is now available. The 14-minute podcast covers the basics of navigating within the system and the e-resources that are available to the libraries there. The podcast runs best using the Firefox, Chrome or Safari Internet browsers.
  4. Our joint (with Collections Working Group) Spring Program WHAT’S THE USE (working title) proposal is due to CARLI  Board by early October. Program premise is that E-resources collect ongoing usage statistics that are useful for library decision making, however they are complex and sometimes difficult to collate and understand. Tentative date in March 2013. Denise Green, Mary Konkel (from ERWG) and Pam Hackbart-Dean, Kate Harger (from CWG) will be planning committee, along with Cindy Clennon and Mary Burkee from CARLI. Jason Price from Claremont College is a possible keynote. Cindy will set up planning committee meeting via conference call.
  5. Other Webinar ideas: alternative subscription models, vendor relations

Adjourned: 2:37 p.m.

Next meeting October 8, 2012