E-Resources Working Group Meeting: August 13, 2012

Conference Call

Attending: Chris Bulock (Chair), Jeanne Cross, John Blosser,  Denise Green, Stephen McMinn, Marisa Walstrum, Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee, Elizabeth Clarage.


  • The next ERWG meeting is September 10 at the CARLI offices.  Let Chris and Cindy know of travel arrangements that may mean a later start so all can arrive on time.
  • Susan Singleton will join the ERWG meeting to talk about possible committee structure changes, and a training focus for CARLI work.        


  • New proposals:  No new proposals at this time. Cindy is pursuing conversations with Science and Sage based on feedback from the interest survey.
  • Revisited Proposals:  The Group reviewed 2 older ones, eMarketer, and PrivCo.  There was little interest in these and were thought to be a little expensive.  They will be removed from the proposal list.  


  • Selection System Podcast: There was good reaction, feedback, and praise for the podcast as outlined in the PowerPoint slides.  Many remarked that it would be very helpful to new and current members alike.  The content covers all the main points of the selection system.  Cindy remarked that a future podcast may be on the redacted licenses.
  • Fall and Spring Programs
    • Big Deal Renewals: This program is not well suited for the Fall when most libraries have renewed subscriptions for the year. They would need time to consult statistics, faculty, and learn more about their upcoming budget.  The March/April period was thought to be better for this program on big deal renewals.
    • Usage Statistics: The time frame for this program was thought to better if it came before the big deal renewal program, perhaps in the February/March period.  The Collections Group will be asked if they are interested in participating in this one. 

Other Business

No other items were offered.

Adjourned: 2:13 p.m.

Next meeting September 10, 2012