E-Resources Working Group Meeting: July 9, 2012

Conference Call

Attending: Chris Bulock (Chair), Jean Cross, John Blosser,  Denise Green, Mary Konkel, Marisa Walstrum, Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee, Elizabeth Clarage.


Welcome to new members and Introductions. Denise has been re-appointed to fill out Monica Moore’s term and Marisa Walstrum from National Louis, Jean Cross from SIUC and Stephen McMinn of UI Springfield are our new members.

New Proposals

None this meeting.  


City Colleges Update: The CARLI Board of Trustees approved the City Colleges of Chicago proposal for membership as a single entity for a 3 year period, at which time a renewal review will take place. The 7 colleges will receive central licensing from CARLI and may only purchase products as a total group, not on an individual college basis. They have submitted their list of products they are interested in purchasing and CARLI is awaiting confirmation of their IP ranges.

Electronic Resources Interest survey:  The survey results were distributed to the ERWG as a separate attachment. Next steps are 1) look at individual responses to ensure/clarify that we are seeing the actual numbers for interest in purchasing through CARLI, including packages or bundles vs. individual titles 2) contact vendors for the top 2-3 products to begin negotiations as a CARLI consortium purchase
E-journal agreement renegotiation: Process is moving slowly. Gathering usage statistics for bundled databases are especially complex. Cindy met with Springer rep and a new Wiley rep is forthcoming. The bottom line is cost-- needs to be less or some libraries may not be able to continue. One strategy is to create a smaller list of titles in our subscribed collection of the most used titles.  

Possible program topics

Fall – ejournal agreements:  Feasibility of October program was discussed. If Webinar, then possible. Chris, John, and Jean will work as planning group for the Webinar(s); Cindy will check on logistics (onsite or remote) and possible dates. Jonathan A. Nabe of SIUC is a possible speaker about experience at Carbondale. A vendor/industry perspective would be a good complement. Recent article in the CHRONICLE- link forthcoming.

Spring Program: The Collections Working Group hasn’t met yet to discuss. Denise will pursue. CWG have been a successful partner/co-sponsor with us in the past. A program proposal for Spring needs to be submitted in September to CARLI Program Committee and Board meetings for planning and budget consideration. Denise and Mary (anyone else?) have agreed to work on this. A suggested topic was collecting and analyzing electronic resource usage statistics. Spring would be good timing as the preparation of usage stats to inform collection development decisions typically happens during this timeframe for many libraries.

Other Business

  • No news or update on the JISC usage stats portal project.
  • Check your calendars for an in-person meeting of our Working Group, to be held at the CARLI Office. Possible dates are: Sept. 7 or Sept. 10. Let Chris know your availability.
  • Adjourned: 2:17 p.m.
  • Next meeting August 13, 2012