E-Resources Working Group Meeting: June 11, 2012

Conference Call

Attending: Chris Bulock, John Blosser,  Anita Foster (Chair), Mary Konkel, Sandy Wenner, Denise Green, Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee.


Next year’s chair: Chris Bulock has volunteered.

New members: Anita, Sandy and Denise’s terms are up with our thanks. Denise has been re-appointed to fill out Monica Moore’s term and Marisa Walstrum from National Louis, Jean Cross from SIUC and Stephen McMinn of UI Springfield have all been appointed for newly starting terms.

New Proposals – none this meeting. One may be coming from vendor for an online visual thesaurus product.


Spring Selection system: Closed June 4. Mary Burkee reported 120 libraries had selected around 2078 e-resources. Expenditures are up about 9% largely due to the increased offerings from Alexander Street Press video products. A few more or less may be added to these numbers. Chicago city colleges are discussing with CARLI a change in their membership that may affect e-resource selections.

Electronic Resources Interest survey: Draft of the survey available here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9WK5KLC. Cindy and Mary will send out in about a week. CARLI Board is informed about this project. The goal is to have the top 2 or 3 of these e-resources available in the Fall selection system.

Springer eBook agreement: Complete.

Program Topics

Possible program topics and organizing were discussed at length. The group decided to pursue:


  • Alternate subscription models (aka “pay as you go”) AND
  • Evaluating and leaving “big deal” packages- both topics as a webinar for October (or other Fall date) 2012. Would complement the decisions and activities related to CARLI’s renewal of Wiley and Springer agreements.  Speakers could potentially include Jonathan A. Nabe of SIUC,  NASIG speakers Mary Ann Jones and Derek Marshall, Mississippi State University or others who have written about “big deal” serials issues.
  • Collecting and analyzing electronic resource usage statistics- for an in person event in Spring 2013 possibly in partnership with CARLI collections group or IACQ. This Feb. or March event would complement the JISC usage stats portal project. And be close in timing to the calendar year or fiscal year preparation of usage stats to inform collection development decisions. For an in person event in Spring 2013 a date, budget and proposal should be ready for the CARLI September program committee and board meetings.  Illinois State University may be the location since geographically central and on Amtrak line. Denise will contact collections group about possible partnership.

Other Business

Thanks to Anita for chairing ERWG. 

Next meeting July 9, 2012