E-Resources Working Group Meeting: April 9, 2012

Conference Call

Attending: Cindy Clennon (CARLI), Mary Burkee (CARLI), Anita Foster (Chair), Chris Bulock, John Blosser, Joe Mullarkey, Mary Konkel, Denise Green, Monica Moore. Sandy Wenner, CM! Winters-Palacio, Gwen Harrison (ISL)

New Proposals

Will hold both proposals for more consideration in Fall. This will be better timing for library trials and new fiscal year budgets.

  1. eMarketer Total AccessL Little information on their website. Would like info on their interface and pricing.
  2. PrivCo Media LLC: This product has a similar look and feel to Hoover’s and Datamonitor. PrivCo does do private companies, which is sometimes difficult to find. Their pricing info includes CARLI public libraries, which is a mistake on their part. There are no public libraries in CARLI.

Possible program topics

See licensing/copyright program evaluation comments in the document in C. Clennon email sent March 12

Not sure what the CARLI annual meeting format will be—whether in person or via the Web. Shouldn’t affect our programming or planning but the topic we pick may lend itself to a particular format. The evaluation comments made several mentions of SERU. While CARLI can’t utilize SERU, private institutions may. This may be a good topic for our DID YOU KNOW series. These were the main topics thought to be good program candidates (more discussion at next meeting):

  • Alternate subscription models (access tokens, pay-as-you-go, LC’s Get it Now); working as teams/partners to affect consortial purchases “Who’s Your Buddy?”
  • Ejournals and faster document delivery. Perhaps partner w/ Resource Sharing Working Group
  • Usage stats/Evaluation/Overlap analysis. How do you evaluate your e-resources? How do you the handle “apples and oranges” of vendor-supplied statistics? How are trends, longitudinal data, anecdotal, campus-specific (online classes impact) utilized? Is this info available and how do you get it?


  1. Spring selection system: The Next few CARLI newsletters will focus on the Spring selection system, which is tentatively scheduled to open the week of April 16. Cindy is loading the pricing information now. Alexander Street Press is already in. ASP is based on your library’s materials budget.
  2. Summary of CARLI Discovery Forum: The forum was held March 15th in Oak Brook as a preconference to the Illinois Association of College & Research Libraries (IACRL). Vendors presenting included OCLC, Ebsco, Serials Solutions, and ExLibris/Primo. A few ERWG members were in attendance. It was great to have all vendors in the same place. Some sales pitches were better than others. It was also noted that this forum was intended to inform member libraries of their options and that CARLI wasn’t brokering a discovery system on our behalf. These vendors’ systems were already being used in the libraries of many of the audience members.
  3. Chair of ERWG for FY2013: Anita’s term as chair and ERWG member is up in June as is Denise’s and Sandy’s. So we will have 3 openings on our WG. The CARLI committee volunteer forms are due April 30. The WG Chair runs the meeting, does the agenda, submits the WG annual report, works closely with CARLI staff liaison(s), and other duties or meetings (CARLI Chairs usually meet in person in Fall) as deemed necessary for CARLI chairs to function. Let Cindy know if you are interested in chairing the ERWG for next year.

Other Business

  1. IACQ/ICAT E-Book Forum May 4:  There will be an ebook forum “Mostly Cloudy to Mostly Sunny: the Journey of the E-Book”  at the Newberry Library on May 4th. CARLI will be giving an update on the status of the consortial PDA project.
  2. The next meeting will be held Monday, May 14, 2012 from 1:30-3 p.m.