Digital Collections Users’ Group Meeting: November 14, 2012

Conference call

Members present: Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Chris Day, Chair, (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Peter Hepburn (University of Illinois at Chicago), Benn Joseph (Northwestern University), David Levinson (Lake Forest College), Mary Rose (Southern Illinois University), Adam Strohm (Newberry Library), Julia Thompson (Western Illinois University) 

Members absent: Laurie Sauer (Knox College)

CARLI staff: Jessica Gibson, Amy Maroso (CARLI liaison to DCUG)

Confirmed Rose as minutes taker.
October minutes approved with corrections.

Conference reports

  1. Gibson reported on her presentation “Using CARLI Digital Collections” at the CARLI Annual Meeting on Nov. 9.
  2. Rose reported on the presentation “Lightning Round: Digital Collection Highlights” that she and Sauer participated in for the Virtual CONTENTdm User Group Meeting on Nov. 7.

Committee Charge

The charge for the new Created Content Committee was discussed. DCUG feels comfortable moving forward with the charge, with the suggestion to omit the clause “especially the Commercial Content Committee” in the last sentence of the first paragraph. Maroso will communicate this to Tom Dorst by the Nov. 16 deadline.

Project updates

  1. Featured Image: There have been three weekly blog posts since the last DCUG meeting. Corrigan talked with a colleague about doing a guest post. Other DCUG members were encouraged to contribute. Thompson said she was interested.
  2. Strohm invited other DCUG members to work with him on the Featured Collections project; Day volunteered.
  3. Hepburn and Thompson have planned to meet about the Flickr project.
  4. Joseph (Twitter Account project) has been tweeting the Featured Image but hasn’t seen any re-tweets.
  5. Day encouraged DCUG members to discuss projects. He noted that in January the group will need to discuss which projects to take forward and how to keep projects on track.
  6. Day read Sauer’s update about the Digital Preservation joint committee. The committee is moving ahead on a proposal to hold a Library of Congress Digital Preservation Outreach & Education (DPOE) Train-the-Trainer workshop, probably in June/July 2013, for about 12 participants.
  7. “Digitization Best Practices for Three-Dimensional Objects” document was approved.  Maroso will format and post to the CARLI website. 

Upcoming Meeting

Next meeting is Dec 19.