Digital Collections Users’ Group Meeting: October 17, 2012

Conference call

Members present: Ellen Corrigan (Eastern Illinois University), Chris Day, Chair, (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Peter Hepburn (University of Illinois at Chicago), Benn Joseph (Northwestern University), David Levinson (Lake Forest College), Mary Rose (Southern Illinois University), Laurie Sauer (Knox College), Julia Thompson (Western Illinois University)

Members absent: Adam Strohm (Newberry Library)

CARLI staff: Jessica Gibson, Amy Maroso (CARLI liaison to DCUG)

Confirm David as minutes taker.

Approved minutes from September meeting with corrections.

  1. Committee Charge for 2013 Created Content Committee – DCUG was asked to provide input to the CARLI Board on the committee charge for the 2013 Created Content committee.
    1. Amy explicated the differences between the Created Content and Commercial Content committees.
    2. The Created Content committee may take over the responsibilities for the CARLI Book Digitization initiative.
    3. Amy will ask for clarification on several parts of the charge, including what non-commercial content is and the specifics of other committees that might collaborate with the Created Content committee
  2. Digitization of 3-D Objects Guidelines (Ellen) - Julia approved the updated aperture settings.  Ellen will circulate the finalized document by email for approval at the next meeting.

Image of the Week 

  1. (Mary & Ellen) - Mary and Ellen have been making a file of Image of the Week posts.
  2. The posts will be titled “Feature Image”
  3. CARLI has created a generic DCUG login to the CARLI blog, so contributors will use a byline in posts, such as, “written by Mary Rose, SIUC.”
  4. Notification of a post will be sent to the item’s owning library, rather than seeking permission prior to posting content.  The CARLI website lists the CONTENTdm Primary Contacts for each institution and DCUG will use that for notification purposes.
  5. The Blog tweets to the main CARLI Twitter account and a DCUG member will tweet to the DCUG twitter account when a post goes live. The person who posts the item will also email the CARLIdc-ig email list that a new post is available.
  6. There is a blog tag for the posts called “CARLI Digital Collections” that has been and will continue to be assigned to each post.
  7. Mary and Ellen will create a “how-to” document of posting procedures for the DCUG wiki.
  8. Mary and Ellen have several posts already written and will submit them on alternating weeks, but are ready to have others do a series of entries as well, on flexible schedules. There is a spreadsheet of past images that were posted, to prevent duplication. It’s in Documents and Notes (on the DCUG wiki).

Project update

  1. Julia will contribute to Featured Collections project.
  2. Promoting Digital Collections Glossary (David): No update
  3. Twitter Account (Benn): tweeted a “lightning talk”
  4. Google Analytics (Chris): No update
  5. Tags (Peter): CONTENTdm does not currently have a feature to allow people to socially tag images. Looking into other options, such as Flickr, that allows tagging options..
  6. Documentation (David/Chris): No update
  7. Featured Collections (Adam): Adam not at meeting to comment.
  8. Digital preservation joint subcommittee (Laurie):  Group met on September 20, with guest George Coulbourne from LC DPOE. George explained their curriculum is 3.5 days, which alters cost estimates for training. Budget information from a previous working given in Indiana will be used to determine potential costs to CARLI for funding the program.

Other/New Business:

  1. Jessica has made a position change within CARLI and will no longer be an official staff liaison to DCUG.
  2. Jessica will give a breakout session at the CARLI Annual Meeting on November 9 that will focus on using CARLI Digital Collections.
  3. Conference Reporting - Laurie recommended the Charleston Conference “Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition” (