Collections Working Group Meeting: April 18, 2012

Conference Call

Members attending: Lydia Morrow Ruetten (Chair), Governors State University; Fred Barnhart, Loyola University; Chad Buckley, Illinois State University; Kimberly Fournier, William Rainey Harper College; David Green, Northeastern Illinois University; Karen Janke, Erikson Institute; Jim Millhorn, Northern Illinois University; William Thompson, Western Illinois University

Members absent: Harriet Lightman, Northwestern University; Todd Spires, Bradley University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage


  • The agenda was approved.
  • The group will review the two proposals received for the Book Digitization Initiative within a week. If warranted, a conference call will be set up to discuss these two proposals.
  • Digitized Book of the Month: Fred will take May. Bill will take June.
  • Group agreed to meet on June 28th (replacing June 14th meeting) to discuss proposals of the Book Digitization Initiative.


  • CODSULI Collection Development Officers met and the group may contribute to a central fund to facilitate purchases for all. If approved by CODSULI directors, CARLI will work with the group on the purchases as well as to follow all state rules regarding funds. One suggested projects that came up at the CODSULI meeting was Patron Driven Acquisitions or J-STOR books – with the possibility of a hard copy purchase to facilitate interlibrary loan.
  • CARLI PDA trial update: 120 titles purchased so far. Three titles have circulated twice. There was a small processing glitch that has been remedied. About $6,000 has been spent so far. CARLI is moving forward with planning for an e-book PDA version. The start date for this program is uncertain.
  • Searches/Filled Positions: Loyola University: New IT Director search; Governor’s State University: Associate Provost and CIO Search cancelled; WIU will be re-advertising its Health Sciences position. Loyola University has new director for its Health Sciences library.
  • CARLI is in the midst of asking people to volunteer for CARLI Committees.
  • July 12 is the date for the jointly sponsored program by the Collections Working Group and the Public Services Working Group on Faculty Education. The location is Joliet Junior College. The planning group is still working on the details.

Tasks assigned:

  • Members will review past meeting minutes so that as approved, these may be available on the CARLI website.
  • Members will individually contact Elizabeth for a review on the wiki and adding initials to approve minutes.
  • Digitized Book of the Month: Fred will take May. Bill will take June.
  • Elizabeth will send two proposals for the Book Digitization Initiative to the group.
  • Group members will review the Google Document format for the information collected on Special Collections.
  • Kim will clean up the Collections Clearinghouse and the group will discuss at its May 3rd meeting.

Next Meeting Dates:

In Person: Thursday, May 3rd, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., Erikson Institute
Conference call information for those not able to attend:
Toll-free: (866) 951-9521; Local: (217) 244-9054
Meeting ID & Password: 2045
Conference Call: Thursday, June 28th, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.
Toll-free: (866) 951-9521; Local: (217) 244-9054
Meeting ID & Password: 2045