Collections Working Group Meeting: February 3, 2012

Conference Call

Members attending: Fred Barnhart, Loyola University Chicago; Kim Fournier, William Rainey Harper College; Karen Janke, Erikson Institute; Harriet Lightman, Northwestern University; Jim Millhorn, Northern Illinois University; Lydia Morrow Ruetten (Chair), Governors State University; Todd Spires, Bradley University; Bill Thompson, Western Illinois University

Members absent: Chad Buckley, Illinois State University; David Green, Northeastern Illinois University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage, CARLI; Cindy Clennon, CARLI

Minute taker: Todd

There were no additions or changes to the agenda.


Bill announced that he was excited because WIU Library would have a book budget this fiscal year.

Elizabeth reported on the progress of the CARLI patron-driven-acquisitions (PDA) pilot that is in place. She clarified that when a second copy of an item is purchased in the pilot that it does not become property of the requesting library. All books purchased through the program are housed at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign library. Jim asked if there was a way to limit search results in the I-Share Catalog to only those items in the PDA pilot. Elizabeth thought that it was possible if the proper wording from the notes field was used in the search. She promised to look into this and get back to the group. Lastly, she mentioned that there were no sets in the PDA pilot.

Elizabeth then reported on the proposed electronic patron-driven-acquisitions pilot. She stated that CARLI members met with five vendors (ebrary, YBP, MyiLibrary, EBL and EBSCO) at the American Library Association Conference in January 2012. CARLI asked each vendor to address a set of questions. Cindy Clennon and the CARLI staff developed the questions. The CARLI people involved in assessing the vendors have not met since the ALA Conference so not much has happened since then.

Review minutes

Lydia suggested that group members go to the Collections Working Group Wiki to read the minutes for the year so far. None of them have received approval by the majority of the group to this point. Elizabeth stated that if group members were having difficulty with their usernames to e-mail CARLI support.

Book Digitization Initiative

Elizabeth reported that there have been no new submissions for digitization but the deadline of February 15th is fast approaching and proposals may show up at the last minute.

Special Collections Survey

Lydia reminded everyone that she and Chad had sent a sample Excel spreadsheet to the group via e-mail earlier in the week. She asked if anyone had comments about it. Bill said that he liked the simplicity of it. After some discussion, Elizabeth asked how the group would use the spreadsheet once it was completed. Someone said that the original idea was to survey the scope of hidden collections across the state. Lydia found the original e-mail sent out when we asked people to participate in the survey and that re-emphasized that we were seeking “hidden” collections.

Lydia proposed that we continue the process and gather more information somehow to populate the spreadsheet to post online. Bill suggested that we look at Google Forms ( as a way to gather and update data. The group thought that it was a good idea to continue the process and to look at Google Forms. Todd and Elizabeth volunteered to assist Lydia and Chad.

Scholarly Communications: Review item for Webpage

Fred reported that he and Dave were updating the CARLI Scholarly Communications webpage. This was scheduled to be performed twice per year so it was the appropriate time to do so. Elizabeth suggested a small group be formed to review it. Dave and Fred stayed in the sub-group. Harriet asked to be removed. Kim volunteered to take her place. She also suggested that a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article be included on the page. Lastly, Elizabeth encapsulated the history of the page for the newer members of the group.

Joint Program on Faculty Education

Harriet reported tentative plans for this upcoming CARLI joint event. We are partnering with the CARLI Public Services Working Group. The date is still up in the air, but it appears that either July 11-12th or July 18-19th will work the best. The location will be Joliet Junior College.

Harriet and Chad and members of the Public Services Working Group refined topic ideas. They were:
1. Faculty involvement in collection building process/how faculty help shape collections
2. Faculty involvement in weeding projects
3. Electronic reserves: how they are used by faculty, awareness, etc.
4. Shared space within libraries/libraries sharing space with campus services
5. Education of faculty and promoting of library services in general.

To this Kim suggested that the term e-reserves was out-of-date. She uses the term digital library resources for course design or something similar. Aside from that, people liked the sound of the potential program.

Elizabeth added that it took a long time decide on a locale. Joliet Junior College is not on the Chicago public transit system so that may restrict some people from attending. JJC was chosen based upon cost and because they have a new library, which they want to show off.

The discussion turned to potential speakers. It was decided that for now, we would try to locate speakers from within and not search outside the two groups. Kim (course design and digital resources), Bill and Fred were mentioned as potential speakers.

Other continuing education

Elizabeth mentioned that she needs to post the videos from the Spring Webinar. Jim suggested a possible video on YBP Gobi 3 quirks. Kim mentioned the growing issue of vanity presses in Amazon and other sources. Kim is going to work on this topic a bit and see if there is enough there to create a video.

Collections Clearinghouse

At a previous meeting, Kim volunteered to review this webpage and return to the group with suggestions. She suggested that fewer headings would improve the site and that some categories needed to be fleshed out. She asked if the group wanted to continue with this webpage. Lydia mentioned that AcqWeb does all of this already, but Kim wanted to maintain it for now. She will try to make it shorter and simpler.

Next Meetings

Next meeting/teleconference was previously scheduled for March 8th, 2012.