Collections Working Group Meeting: November 4, 2011

Conference Call

Members attending: Fred Barnhart, Loyola University; Kimberly Fournier, William Rainey Harper College; David Green, Northeastern Illinois University; Harriet Lightman, Northwestern University; Jim Millhorn, Northern Illinois University; Lydia Morrow Ruetten, Governors State University; Todd Spires, Bradley University; William Thompson, Western Illinois University

Members absent: Chad Buckley, Illinois State University, Karen Janke, Erikson Institute; Mary Hollerich, Lewis University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage


  • Loyola Law Library will soon be advertising an access services position
  • WIU will soon be advertising a tenure track Health Sciences Position
  • Annual CARLI meeting coming up next week on November 9th. It is a webinar. To attend, please register through the CARLI website at .
  • WIU is preparing to do a Patron Driven Acquisitions project.
  • CARLI Patron Driven Acquisitions project will be announcing a time frame for the program as soon as timing with UIUC is clarified.

CARLI E-Book Meeting

Discussion of this meeting where topics were discussed such as: consortial ownership, purchase vs. subscription, reserves and Blackboard integration, last copy, how many copies?, new editions?, what will the format be?, pricing issues (including consortial pricing issues), can items be downloaded to offline devices, vendor neutral cataloging records.

Collections Group Program For Summer or Late Spring

Discussion of the idea of centering the program broadly around “faculty education.” Discussion of many possible sessions, also the idea of inviting teaching faculty (but would they come in the summer?), discussion of embedded librarian programs, discussion of how to educate faculty for Patron Driven Acquisition, discussion of educating faculty (and ourselves) in re: copyright and e-texts, linking to same

Book Digitization Program

Elizabeth Clarage reports that Internet Archive does not work with video but has worked with audio. In any event as this is a BOOK digitization program, going outside of print would require updating our agreement with Internet Archive and that can’t happen till summer 2012 at the earliest. Meanwhile, let’s think about what we want from this program, e.g. books or more than that.

Special Collections Survey

Elizabeth Clarage sent sample data from Illinois State University and Loyola to the committee

Next Meeting

December 9th. Face to face. Location to be announced.[announced as Erikson Institute 11-4-11]