Collections Working Group Meeting: October 13, 2011

Erikson Institute

Members attending: Chad Buckley, Illinois State University; Fred Barnhart, Loyola University; Kimberly Fournier, William Rainey Harper College; David Green, Northeastern Illinois University; Jim Millhorn, Northern Illinois University; Lydia Morrow Ruetten, Governors State University; William Thompson, Western Illinois University (by phone)

Members absent: Karen Janke, Erikson Institute; Mary Hollerich, Lewis University; Harriet Lightman, Northwestern University; Todd Spires, Bradley University

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage; Cindy Clennon (by phone)


Minutes of the August 25 meeting have not yet been approved. Reminder to note “read,” even if not in attendance at the meeting.


  • Dave Green - a couple of positions opening in the next few months, reference and tech. services (ERM)
  • Elizabeth Clarage - CARLI Staff are working on a project to add the public domain titles from HathiTrust to the I-Share catalog - 2 million items. CARLI continues to work on the Purchase on Demand (POD) Project - after the profile with YBP is finalized it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for the profile to start generating matches.
  • Bill W. - Non tenure track library instruction librarian being posted soon.

General Questions

Question about purchase on demand duplicate records within the Union Catalog? Elizabeth noted that the plan is to suppress or delete the POD record once a copy has been purchased as the goal is to purchase unique items.

Questions about whether ILL should seek out of state to borrow, or should it be acquired through POD. Elizabeth - if it is coming from IL it is serving a need.

Question about whether there should there be limits on the number of requests per patron, tied to patron circulation? Elizabeth - if it becomes apparent that it is being abused, then we will address at the time. This project is meant to supplement, so hopefully won't be used to the extreme.

Question about whether it is possible to search catalog for only POD items? Elizabeth - There may be a way to do this

Shared Purchasing

There were no comments yet about shared purchase recommendations.

Scholarly Communication Webpage

Elizabeth gave an overview - August and February are review times. It was reviewed in August. Next review is February. Kim volunteered to join the review team.

Book of the Month

Lydia reported that we have volunteers through December.

Book Digitization Initiative

Lydia revisited the question from the conference call about whether to automatically select proposals with score of 4.0 or more?

  • Group agreed that proposals receiving a score of 4.0 or above will automatically be selected.
  • Elizabeth is researching with Internet Archives whether audio and video digitization can be included with this project.
  • Discussion of whether availability of a digital version at another site should preclude inclusion in the book digitization initiative. It is related from a proposal received, which contains some material available on HathiTrust and in Google. The institution in question withdrew those items that were digitized elsewhere. Discussion revolved around accessibility and reliability of other sites.
  • Elizabeth proposed that if it is available digitally elsewhere it should be a requirement to make a case for having the item digitized through the Book Digitization Initiative.
  • It was agreed that those that submit BDI proposals should check the following locations for a digital copy as part of the proposal process: Internet Archive, HathiTrust, and Google.
  • Discussion of what materials should be given priority for digitization. It was noted that cost-sharing is preferable when internal publications are submitted for proposal to digitize, such as course catalogs, yearbooks, campus directories, and others. Discussion continued about whether or not school newspapers should be included as an internal publication. Limits also discussed (size limit is 9.7 wide by 14.5 high, and the cost of oversized items is $.25 per page)

Awards Program

Elizabeth gave background. Children's book award notes did not submit their report in June, as required, due to health issues of the original lead investigator of the proposal. Another person from that institution has taken over the duties of lead investigator. The final project report should be completed in December.

Open Access Forum

Elizabeth debriefed the working group and distributed paper copies of the evaluations from the forum. Overall the day went well.

  • Favorite OA resources, which were on display at the OA Forum, will go onto the Wiki, and an invitation will be sent to the CARLI newsletter to encourage people to add their own favorite OA resources to the list.

Brainstorming For CARLI E-Books Meeting

Elizabeth explained the background of the e-books meeting - CARLI wants to learn from what has worked locally to create a consortium based program for e-books. Big Questions are: What are technological barriers to participation? How does the project get funded? How to get it off the ground? CARLI representatives will talk to vendors at midwinter ALA, and then issue RFP, at which point CARLI will no longer be able to gather information from vendors.
Questions from Collections WG:

  • Will these e-books be used as a core collection?
  • How are we using the e-books?
  • What would be the structure of the program, and will it change how we are fundamentally building our local collections?
  • How will the technology curve affect the benefit to the various participating institutions?
  • Some e-book vendors may retain information that would be considered private, and normally would be scoured from CARLI records. Is this a problem?
  • Monographs or reference materials?

Special Collections Survey

Elizabeth C. explained the purpose, which was to provide contact information for special collections across the state. The survey received over 80 responses from the CARLI institutions. Elizabeth noted that the vocabulary was not controlled. (Discussion of what is happening with Archon and Archivists Toolkit)

Comments and Questions:

  • Should the information be used to create a directory of Illinois special collections?
  • Would this be online and should we develop a template for individuals to populate? (suggestion of something similar to what the MLS did with serials)
  • Many of special collections grants are multi-institutional – This could help to generate information for grants, and the directory could encourage institutions to obtain grants and digitize collections together.

Collections Resources Clearinghouse

Will be left up for now until everyone has a chance to look at it.

Possible New Projects For The Coming Year

Reminder that programs need to be planned six months in advance in order to be reviewed by the Programs Committee. Collections WG webinars have been completed, and could be placed on website and pushed out to the CARLI membership. (UStat, COUNTER, print assessment, ILL)
Should the WG create tools for something other than collection development?

  • Suggestions:
    • weeding boot camp (may be too institution specific)
    • SFX and open access
    • How to get information about Open Access to users.
    • Helping libraries to access the OA that is available out there by using SFX.
    • Time for another program? Early June, which would give us lead time and allow for better weather, classes are also not in session. General agreement about this.
    • Program for faculty education - how to use the newer resources? Could this program also be a collaborative effort with Public Services Working Group and/or the I-Share Instruction Group? Elizabeth C. or Lydia R. will check with them.

Upcoming meeting times -- plan to recap the Oct. 28 meeting by phone on Nov. 4 from 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Elizabeth C. would also like to use time at the Nov. 4 meeting to discuss webinar topics.