Collections Working Group Meeting: June 20, 2013

Conference Call

Members attending: Fred Barnhart, Loyola University Chicago; Chad Buckley, Illinois State University; Kim Fournier, Chair, William Rainey Harper College; Karen Janke, Erikson Institute; Harriet Lightman, Northwestern University

Members absent: David Green, Northeastern Illinois University; Pam Hackbart-Dean, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Nichole Novak, Illinois Institute of Technology; Todd Spires, Bradley University; Lynn Wiley, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage


  • Chad was selected as minute taker.
  • ArchiveGrid was discussed as the avenue for promoting CARLI special collections and archives. Elizabeth attended the recent online presentation about this product.
  • Outgoing members (Fred Barnhart, David Green, Kate Harger, Karen Janke, and Harriet Lightman) were noted and thanked for their contributions to the committee’s work.


  • The CARLI Board has assigned the Collection Management Committee to prepare a white paper on the state of academic library collections in Illinois. It was universally agreed that this would be a daunting task. The committee will talk with outgoing members to get their ideas about issues which might need to be addressed. Other possibilities include looking at reports and statistics already available from CARLI as well as surveying member libraries.
  • The Book Digitization Initiative which had previously been part of the Collection Working Group’s charge will be moved to the Created Content Committee beginning in 2013-2014.
  • Elizabeth made a presentation to the CARLI Board about the print PDA program. 909 items have been purchased so far with 72 libraries requesting one or more items. About $45,000 has been spent to date.
  • A consortial e-book vendor for PDA has been selected. Details will be reflected in the minutes once a formal announcement has been released.

Tasks Assigned

  • With regard to developing a potential webinar about copyright, Kim reviewed the links in the Copyright and Publisher Permissions section of CARLI’s Scholarly Communications page. The Committee agreed that since these are already good, additional links would be suggested and existing links modified as needed rather than creating a webinar. Expert tutorials would be especially helpful. Once the section has been revised, it will be promoted via the appropriate CARLI email lists.
  • Planning for a tentative forum for April 2014 on weeding and relocating collections is still in its initial stages. Once new members are seated, they will be asked if they would like to assist with planning along with Kim, Todd, Chad, and Pam.
  • A tentative November 2013 or January/February 2014 webinar on PDA for e-books is also still a strong possibility with the focus being on member libraries’ experiences with their local PDA programs as well as sharing more information about the consortial PDA program as details become finalized. More planning will await seating of new committee members and additional news about the CARLI e-book PDA program.

Next Meeting

An initial in-person meeting for 2013-2014 will likely be held sometime during the week of July 22-26, 2013 after new members are seated. Elizabeth will send out a poll to determine the best day to meet. The meeting will probably be held at the CARLI office in Champaign-Urbana depending on who is able to attend.