Collections Working Group Meeting: May 2, 2013

CARLI Office - Champaign

Members attending: Fred Barnhart, Loyola University Chicago (on phone); Chad Buckley, Illinois State University; Kim Fournier, William Rainey Harper College; Pam Hackbart-Dean, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Karen Janke, Erikson Institute; Harriet Lightman, Northwestern University (on phone); Nichole Novak, Illinois Institute of Technology (on phone);Todd Spires (Chair), Bradley University; Lynn Wiley, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Members absent: David Green, Northeastern Illinois University; Kate Harger, McHenry County College

Staff attending: Elizabeth Clarage; Cindy Clennon


  • Todd was selected as minute taker.
  • We moved agenda item #9 “Future Programs” to #5 because Cindy needed to leave the meeting early.
  • Kim will investigate webinar on copyright for Fall 2013.
  • The committee will schedule/generate forum on weeding and collection relocation for April 2014.
  • The committee will schedule/generate a webinar for November 2013 or Jan./Feb. 2014 on patron driven acquisitions models for e-books.
  • A Book Digitization Initiative proposal was reviewed and approved.
  • The committee agreed that May 23rd is a good day for OCLC to perform an online presentation on ArchiveGrid. Elizabeth will announce on listservs.
  • From Kim’s changes, the committee finalized a new-and-improved Collections Clearinghouse webpage.


  • Cindy said that a tentative decision had been made on the CARLI purchase-on-demand (PDA) e-book proposal but that she could not announce anything yet.
  • Cindy announced that the Alexander Street Press video agreement was complete and that they were beginning to notify libraries of their access.
  • Elizabeth mentioned that the CARLI paper book PDA will continue another year. Money was left from last fiscal year and will continue to pay for selections for the coming year.
  • Elizabeth showed the committee the new CARLI website and said that eventually the old pages will disappear.
  • Karen announced that they hired a new librarian at Erikson Institute.
  • Kim spoke about a summer weeding project she is undertaking at Harper College.
  • Chad said that ISU hired a new Psychology/Education Librarian and is seeking an Assistant Dean for Strategic Technology Initiatives.
  • Harriet informed the committee that NWU hired John Dorr from IIT to be their Assistant Head of Research & Information Services Dept. They also hired a new Associate University Librarian for Facilities and Planning, Elizabeth Hitchcock.
  • Fred said that Loyola hired four new librarians and is seeking a Head of Systems.
  • Elizabeth announced that license agreement with Open Content Alliance was renewed with the same pricing as before. Funding for the Digital Book Initiative continues.
  • Committee reviewed survey responses for the Joint User Statistics Program. The biggest complaint was the weather which caused three presenters to miss the conference. Those presenters who missed the conference will be recorded to create podcasts for the website.
  • Kim presented finalized version of Collections Clearinghouse wiki (soon to be a website). Some minor changes were made but from now on only minimal changes will be needed.

Tasks Assigned

  • All group members will review the March 14, 2013 minutes on the group’s wiki.
  • Kim will investigate the creation of a new webcast on copyright for the CARLI website.
  • Kim will contact Christine Fruin at the University of Florida about previous webcasts.
  • Kim may consult Karen on presentations she has performed.
  • Kim, Todd, Chad and Pam will organize a forum for April 2014 on weeding and/or relocating collections. Harriet may also participate.
  • Possible speakers for this forum are David Larson, University of Chicago, Wayne Bivers-Tatum at Princeton University, Susan Tulis at SIUC (their relocation process), Todd at Bradley (processes involved in weeding), Mary Laskowki at UIUC (Google Books relocating, etc.) and Kim at Harper College (Shelf Lister).
  • Harriet also suggested we could contact someone at NWU regarding the relocation of their reference collection. She will figure out who to contact.
  • The committee decided to create a webinar for November 2013 or Jan./Feb. 2014 on patron driven acquisitions of e-books and possibly print projects. Lynn, Chad and Todd may speak about their pda plans.
  • Karen will determine the Digitized Book of the Month for June and send the information to Elizabeth.
  • Todd who selected a book for May will write up a couple of sentences on the book he selected and send to Elizabeth to put on website.
  • Elizabeth will contact OCLC representative to set up presentation on ArchiveGrid on May 23rd.
  • Elizabeth will announce OCLC ArchiveGrid presentation to the CARLI community.
  • Elizabeth will work to have the information from the Collections Clearinghouse wiki made into a section of the CARLI website.

Next Meetings:

  • June 18, 2013 – 10:15 – 11:00 – conference call to review Book Digitization Initiative Proposals
  • June 20, 2013 – 1:00 – 3:00 – conference call