Commercial Products Committee Meeting: Feburary 18, 2022


Members Attending: Michele Hunt (Northern Illinois University), Sarah Johnson (Eastern Illinois University), Edith List (Principia College), Marie Martino (Moraine Valley Community College), Megan Ruenz (Wheaton College)

CARLI Staff Attending:  Jenny Taylor, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor, Elizabeth Clarage, Denise Green

CARLI Board Liaison Member Present: Matt Ostercamp (North Park University)

Members Absent: Jessica Harris (University of Chicago), Mary Tatro (Augustana College), Amanda Wiesenhofer (Lincoln Land Community College)


CARLI Updates

  • CARLI staff are working on the Selection System for FY 2023 and hope to open it to libraries by the end of March through the 2nd week of May.
  • CARLI will be offering a subscription to MLA Handbook Plus.
  • Elizabeth provided an update on CARLI's crowdfunded ebook project.
  • The E-Resources Management Task Force will host the Alma/Primo VE office hours on 4/15, focusing on using the SUSHI protocol in Alma.
  • Upcoming CARLI events are on the CARLI calendar



Visible Body - committee members had follow-up questions for Visible Body, which will be discussed further at next month's meeting.

Annual project

  • The committee discussed the proposals that had been received for the forum and discussed ideas to solicit further presentations to fill a 2-hour time slot.
  • The committee decided to notify presenters via e-mail, ask for abstracts
  • Confirmed that the presentations will be live, via Zoom; e-mail will include recording release form for presenters.


  • Minutes from the January meeting were approved.
  • Presenters for the forum and its format were decided upon

Tasks Assigned

  • Marie will draft e-mail to contact presenters, notifying them of acceptance and requesting recording release

Meeting Dates

Next Meeting: Friday, March 18, 2022, 1-2 p.m via Zoom.