Commercial Products Committee Meeting: August 13, 2020


Members Attending: Jessica Harris (U. Chicago), Edith List (Principia College), Marie Martino (Moraine Valley Community College), Will Midgley (University of Illinois at Chicago), Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University), Thane Montaner (Prairie State College), Kavita Mundle (University of Illinois at Chicago), Megan Ruenz (Wheaton College), Amanda Wiesenhofer (Lincoln Land Community College)

CARLI Staff Attending:  Jenny Taylor, Nicole Ream-Sotomayor


CARLI Updates

The CARLI office is working on the fall selection cycle for calendar year products.  Some vendors will offer flat pricing for the upcoming renewal cycle as a consideration for library budgetary stress caused by COVID.  The upcoming selection cycle should be open from mid-October through the second week in November.  Vendors will be entering pricing into the system.   

Nicole has been pulling usage statistics for CY vendor products, which are available to libraries making CY cycle selections.



MIT Press Direct - upon follow-up, MIT reports working toward additional authentication methods. The committee decided to not move forward at this time.

Review of Committee Charge & Structure

All CARLI committees are charged with evaluating committee structure and work this fiscal year; we also have the option to do a traditional project if we identify the need for such project.  Based on committee discussions and input we may determine that the CPC should retain its current charge, modifies the charge to reflect addressing member needs in a changing landscape, or we may develop and recommend a separate, new committee to address emerging member needs.

The current CPC charge focuses on the evaluation of eResources, and CPC work and decisions feed directly into the CARLI selection cycle offerings.  We will work together this year to determine what our role will be moving forward and the different ways that our committee work can support equity, diversity, and inclusion.  We have already integrated a focus on accessibility and may consider formally adding this to our charge.  

Deadlines:  CARLI would like committees to present a written draft of our proposal/recommendation by December 1st, with a final deadline of March 1st.

Tasks Assigned

Jenny will send survey to collect member availability for the committee's monthly meeting.

Meeting Dates

Next Meeting: TBD