Commercial Products Committee Meeting: June 13, 2019


Members Attending:  Lesley Wolfgang, Chair (Saint John's College of Nursing), Edith List (Principia College), Jeffrey Matlak (Western Illinois University), Will Midgley (University of Illinois at Chicago), Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University), Thane Montaner (Prairie State College), Kavita Mundle (University of Illinois at Chicago), Amanda Wiesenhofer (Lincoln Land Community College)

Members Absent:  Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University)

CARLI Staff Attending:  Cindy Clennon, Jenny Taylor


CARLI Spring Selection System closed on May 24. Overall spending went up by 3.5%

CARLI Board liaison, Frances Whaley, will join the Committee from fall 2019 to establish a closer communication channel between the committee and the board.

CARLI met with the State Library, RAILS and the Heartland Library Systems to seek opportunities for brokering e-resources statewide to libraries outside of CARLI membership.

CARLI is working on signing new licenses with various vendors—Sage Premier, SAGE videos, CQ data planet, and Springshare. CARLI is also looking into brokering services for libraries and not just brokering for library materials and plans to include services in the Selection system. Springshare products will be offered as part of the service contract for CARLI member libraries in the near future.

Cindy Clennon will retire on Aug 31st.




2019-2020 Committee

New Chair:  Amanda Wiesenhofer

Committee Members: 

Pam Cipkowski (Lake Forest College), Marie Marino (Moraine Valley Community College), Heather Parisi (Dominican), Megan Ruenz (Wheaton College)