Commercial Products Committee Meeting: September 13, 2018


Members Attending:  Lesley Wolfgang, Chair (Saint John's College of Nursing), Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University), Edith List (Principia College), Jeffrey Matlak (Western Illinois University), Will Midgley (DePaul University), Thane Montaner (Prairie State College), Kavita Mundle (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Members Absent:  Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University), Amanda Wiesenhofer (Lincoln Land Community College)

CARLI Staff Attending:  Cindy Clennon, Elizabeth Clarage


CY 19 Selection

The 2019 calendar year selection cycle will open October.  Three vendors (JSTOR, Wiley, and Springer) have changes this year that CARLI is working on.

Selection System Migration

The Selection System server migration is in process but moving slowly.  CARLI is waiting for an update to be applied, but it should not affect the start of the calendar year 19 cycle or the selection process.

Consortia Manager

Consortia Manager usage statistics portal is still not ready to be tested by members. This process is also moving slowly. It is hoped that Consortia Manager will be available by early next year. 



Comics Plus Library Edition:  Not recommended to move forward; content not appropriate for CARLI members

American Mathematical Society Journals:  CARLI is rewriting the contract to include journal specific language

VPAT Project

Update provided on the Google spreadsheet with vendor information. 

Annual Project

Committee consensus to hold a mini-conference/multi track workshop in March 2019.  A discussion was held as to potential speakers, organizers, and workshops.  A proposal will be submitted to CARLI before December 1. 

Tasks Assigned

Cindy will update vendor information in the VPAT project Google spreadsheet; Lesley will look online for more vendor information.

Lesley and Cindy will work on a program for the annual project to present to the committee.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Conference call on Thursday, October 11 at 2:00pm