Commercial Products Committee Meeting: February 19, 2018


Members Attending:  Xiaotian Chen (Bradley University), Jeffrey Matlak (Western Illinois University), Jim Millhorn (Northern Illinois University), Kavita Mundle (University of Illinois at Chicago), Lesley Wolfgang (Saint John's College of Nursing, Chair), Amanda Wiesenhofer (Lincoln Land Community College)

Members Absent:  Edith List (Principia College), Hilary Meyer (Triton College), Heather Parisi  (Dominican University)

CARLI Staff Attending:  Elizabeth Clarage, Cindy Clennon, Jenny Taylor



Cochrane Interactive Learning:  Cochrane Interactive Plus is currently offered consortially and is licensed by EBSCO.  Cochrane Interactive Learning did not respond to the RFP, but has since reached out to CARLI about offering the product.  At issue is if the product they are offering is the same as Cochrane Interactive Plus and if the product is a tool/service or content.  Committee needs more information before preceding.

Bloomsbury:  The interest survey results indicated a high interest in the Bloomsbury modules.  Work is being done to include Bloomsbury in the FY19 CARLI selection cycle. 

IBIS World:  Low interested from CARLI members; will investigate products with more interest first.

2017 - 2018 ACTIVITIES

Survey Results:  CARLI received 87 responses from 76 different libraries regarding interest in seven products.  CARLI staff will reach out to vendors based on interest and will initially focus on the top four products. 

Annual Project:  The annual project does not have to be a whitepaper.  After discussion, the committee decided to develop a standard set of questions about streaming video that we will send out to vendors.  They will develop the set of questions by the next meeting.  At that meeting, they will polish and finalize the set of questions as a group, and then assign vendor(s) to contact to each committee member.  By the end of May, the committee will gather responses and  compile the final document.  CARLI member libraries will be able to use the final document as a tool when investigating streaming video for their libraries.        

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Conference call on Monday, March 19 at 1:30pm