CPC Meeting: December 1, 2015

conference call

Members attending: Susie Bossenga (Northeastern Illinois University, chair), Chad Buckley (Illinois State University), Denise Cote (College of DuPage), Luann DeGreve (Benedictine University)  Lynnette Fields (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Ann Johnston (Olivet Nazarene University), Hilary Meyer (Triton College), Heather Parisi  (Dominican University)

Members absent:  Charles Uth (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Staff attending: Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee, Elizabeth Clarage



Selection system redesign  - The selection system redesign project continues.  The system is not yet ready for beta testing, but vendors and librarians will hopefully test in January.  CARLI is cautiously optimistic the new system will be ready for the FY17 Spring Selection Cycle.

License agreement update - Nature certifications are still in process.  If pending issues are not resolved by the December deadline, CARLI will be unable to offer Nature products for CY16.

The CY16 Database Brokering Cycle is now closed with number of libraries and totals similar to last year.  Spending is up slightly, largely due to price increases rather than new purchases and some libraries did cancel some subscriptions due to budget cuts.  Number of databases offered is up from 73 to 78.

annual project

Usage Statistics Resource Page - Susie will send the email drafted at last meeting to email list.

continuing education

The link to the EBSCO usage statistics webinar that took place on November 17 was sent to the email lists. The session included 44 attendees and the EBSCO trainer will send information from the evaluations.  Feedback from group members who attended was generally positive, but some thought there should have been separate webinars for those who use EBSCO Discovery and those who do not.  Next webinar to be Gale or ProQuest – Cindy will contact both vendors to start the scheduling process.

New Proposals

Psychotherapy.net –  The consensus of the members was that their libraries would not be interested in adding Psychotherapy.net at this time because their needs are being met by current resources.  This decision was also impacted by the higher education budget issues in Illinois.

pending Proposals

Business Expert Press & Momentum – The group decided not to pursue an agreement at this time.  In general eBook agreements are difficult since no resource sharing provisions exist in most of these agreements.

Proposal discussion

A discussion of finding and evaluating smaller ejournal packages took place.  Committee members expressed interest and since CARLI already has licenses in place with many vendors it will make the process more likely to succeed with regard to purchasing.  The committee is interested in investigating new ideas for acquiring resources and cooperative collection development.  The Collections committee is working on survey about cooperative monograph collection development so we may be able to work collaboratively with them to start the discussion.  Elizabeth will discuss this idea with the collections group at their December 17th meeting.  Positive response was generated for the possibility of an in-person meeting in February or March to discuss these ideas further (with Collections group if they are interested).

Publicizing updates to licensing principles

In response to a suggestion from one of the CARLI library members, we will publicize the changes to the CARLI E-resources licensing principles made by the committee last year for the annual project.  Cindy will make sure all current members have access to Dropbox where documents are stored to facilitate discussion and Denise will start pulling together all the updates that were made.  The changes can be summarized in an email and included in an upcoming CARLI newsletter. 

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Conference call on Tuesday, January 5 at 1:30pm