CPC Meeting: November 21, 2014

Conference call

Members attending: Chad Buckley (Illinois State University), Carol Doyle (Northwestern University), Luann DeGreve (Benedictine University), Ann Johnston (Olivet Nazarene University), Ruth Lindemann (Danville Area Community College), Stephen McMinn (University of Illinois at Springfield),

Members absent:  Susie Bossenga (Northeastern Illinois University), Denise Cote (College of DuPage), Charles Uth (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Staff attending: Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee


pending proposals


New Proposals

Product Suggestion for Loeb Classical Library.  The committee discussed the product proposal and determined more information is needed about the product and pricing models.  Cindy will request additional information.

fall (calendar Year) Database Selection

The selection system closed on November 14 with most libraries renewing their selections from the previous year.  A few new libraries participated for CY2015.

license updates

The agreement with AAAS is almost done and pricing will be loaded into the selection system as soon as is it finalized. 

The Naure/Scientific American Archive purchase agreement is in progress and will be added into the selection system as a one time purchase when finalized.

Work on the RFP license consolidation continues.

annual project

Revision of the CARLI Electronic Resource Licensing Principles.  The current document is available on the CARLI site: http://www.carli.illinois.edu/products-services/eres/licensing-principles.

As a reminder, thresholds for licensing e-resources are accessible from the E-Resources FAQ at http://www.carli.illinois.edu/products-services/eres/eres-faq, under the question “How are products selected for inclusion in the program?"

For the next meeting, please review the current guidelines and identify areas that need to be updated.

continuing education

The group continued discussing a potential usage statistics forum to be held in the Spring.  Discussion questions were generated and have been posted to the e-resources list to identify areas of interest and potential speakers.  Not much discussion has been generated to date, but there still seems to be an interest in usage statistics topics. 

Stephen will continue to investigate the possibility of holding the forum at UIS and check availability.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Next meeting:  Conference call on Friday, December 19, 2014