CPC Meeting: April 14, 2014

Conference call

Members attending: Susie Bossenga (Northeastern Illinois University), Chris Bulock (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, chair), Luann DeGreve (Benedictine University), Tom Goetz (William Rainey Harper College), Ruth Lindemann (Danville Area Community College), Stephen McMinn (University of Illinois at Springfield), Charles Uth (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Staff attending: Cindy Clennon, Mary Burkee


Pending Proposals

  • APA PsycTHERAPY  - Cindy will follow up with rep and explain that current pricing model is too expensive for smaller institutions and a more progressive or graduated pricing model would work better for the consortia members.  In addition, this title would be a good candidate for the interest survey.
  • Docuseek 2 - Include in interest survey.
    Faulkner:  The group did not feel that enough of the consortia members would be interested in this product to meet the CARLI guidelines for group purchases and discounts.

new Proposals

  • Company of Biologists - Some interest but group didn’t like that only new subscribers get any benefit from the deal.  Decision was made to relay the committees concerns as well as ask for a list of subscribers as it would be hard to meet the CARLI minimum discount threshold without broader support.
  • Nature and Scientific American -  Nature titles are of interest to a broad number of libraries.  Recommendation was to ask Nature for pricing, number of subscribers, and potential discounts for these collections.
  • Rosetta Stone - This is a new offer from EBSCO who is the sole source provider for Rosetta Stone and the offer seems a little expensive for the smaller libraries and largest libraries.  Questions were raised about whether the site license price includes access to all of the languages offered by Rosetta Stone or whether libraries would have to select a language.  Also, is the product cloud-based or locally installed.  Cindy will follow up with EBSCO and request a trial.
  • Chronicle Domain Access - This access would allow subscribers to provide access to the Chronicle from all types of mobile devices.  The cost of the current Chronicle access is subsidized by CARLI at 50% for governing institutions, but Domain access will not be subsidized.  The group did not feel the added expense was reasonable for this expanded access. 

Spring (Fiscal Year) Database Selection

The selection system should go live in the next couple of days and close at the end of May.

Selection System Redesign

Progress is going well with user testing on library pages and vendors testing the vendor side of the system.  This second phase should be completed by the end of April.  The next phase will begin over the summer.

Aggregated database RFI

The RFI for the general interest multidisciplinary database subsidized by CARLI, presently EBSCO Academic Search Premier and EBSCO Business Source Elite, is in its final stages with reviews recently being completed and the top two proposals identified.  The top choices are being contacted with follow up questions regarding content and pricing. 


 The PDA is moving forward at a slower pace due to challenges with the records loading process.  There has been a delay in getting the authentication pieces together and e-mails have gone to the libraries that are behind in supplying this information. 

White Paper

The group discussed the draft of the white paper and made suggestions.  The corrections and updates are required by Monday, April 21st.  Once updates are sent to the group, the overall edits will be completed.

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

Next meeting:  Conference call on Monday, May 12, 2014