CPC Meeting: November 15, 2013

CARLI Office, Champaign

Members attending: Susie Bossenga (Northeastern Illinois University), Chris Bulock (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, chair, by phone), Luann DeGreve (Benedictine University), Carol Doyle (Northwestern University), Tom Goetz (William Rainey Harper College), Ruth Lindemann (Danville Area Community College), Charles Uth (Illinois Institute of Technology), Stephen McMinn (University of Illinois at Springfield)

Staff attending: Mary Burkee, Cindy Clennon, Elizabeth Clarage (by phone)


  • Streaming video was selected as the topic of the white paper.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm.

Tasks Assigned

  1. Tom Goetz will serve as the CPC member on the team putting together the PDA Event.
  2. Sections of white paper are assigned as follows:  
  • Introduction – Ruth
  • Environmental Scan/Survey – Susie
  • Purchasing Models – Stephen
  • Discoverability – Tom
  • Infrastructure Issues – Chris
  • Evaluation – Luann
  • Conclusion – Ruth
  • The survey will be developed by Charles and Cindy based on questions developed during the discussion.


Pending Proposals

  • Digitalia Hispanica – Committee members need to review the product for the December meeting.  The committee recommended that a longer trial would be beneficial. 
  • Film Ideas – The committee recommended that Film Ideas work directly with CARLI libraries.
  • Learning Express – Questions remain regarding usability by four-year institutions.  The committee will participate in a webinar at the December meeting with a trial to follow in January/February.
  • Grupo Difusion – The committee declined the proposal due to lack of communication from the vendor.

New Proposals

  • Rock Backpages – The committee needs additional information on the following issues:  more pricing information, specifically as it relates to two-year institutions; more information on usage statistics and standards; what metadata is being supplied for discovery systems; percentage of full text versus A&I.

Selection System Update 

The selection system closes today.  There are still two currently participating libraries who have not added anything.  There are a couple of new libraries participating in the system.  Mary Burkee is contacting libraries who did not re-select a database to insure that the non-selection was intentional and not an oversight.


  • The CARLI PDA contract proposal is being reviewed by purchasing.
  • An email message was sent to CARLI members with subscriptions letting them know that CARLI is not going forward with the Science proposal. 

Usage Statistics Forum

76 people have registered for the forum.  Everything is ready to go.  There may be a need for help on minor logistical issues.

Collections Committee – PDA Event

This will be an in-person program held at the end of May or beginning of June.    The tentative agenda includes a morning session which will be relevant to all members.  Lunch will set up as table talks.  The afternoon will include concurrent tracks focusing on acquisitions/public services and cataloging/systems.  There is a possibility that the afternoon sessions will be run twice to allow for greater flexibility and participation.  Ideas for the afternoon sessions include:  best practices, profiles, records maintenance, NISO best practices, reserves, the CARLI consortial program, ebrary/EBL integration, what can be learned about patrons, and libraries that have implemented PDA.

IACRL Preconference

The preconference is scheduled for March 20, 2014 in Oak Brook.  The groups participating include the Collection Management Committee, the Commercial Products Committee, the Created Content Committee, the Instruction Committee, the Public Services Committee, and the Technical Services Committee.  The keynote speaker, Karen Schmidt (Illinois Wesleyan University), will talk about assessment in all forms at the library.  In December, the group will need to know who the speakers are as well as a session title.  This information will be published/promoted along with the general IACRL conference promotions.

Aggregated Database RFP

The technical specifications are with the Purchasing Office.  The RFP is asking vendors to chart out how their product will interface with discovery systems and what level of data based on the new NISO standard is being provided.  Cindy will send the final RFP to the Committee once is it approved.

White Paper

The committee selected streaming video as the topic of the white paper.  The initial discussion focused on what topical areas to include in the paper focused on discoverability, records maintenance, purchasing models, perpetual access versus weeding, open access, evaluation of use and content, and copyright implications.  The committee felt that negotiating contracts was not a significant issue as most of the challenges are working within the institutional processes.  Discussion regarding takeaways for members followed next which developed into survey formation of survey questions.  The intended audience for the survey is the liaisons with the recommendations that they consult with others at their institution.  There should only be one response per institution. The survey should go out in December with the responses due before Christmas.  If the response rate is not good, then the survey can be resent in January.  The final portion of the discussion focused on members selecting which section of the paper they would research and write.  

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • Next meeting:  Conference call, December 9, 2013
  • Outlines of the white paper sections are due at the January 13, 2014 meeting.