CPC Meeting: October 14, 2013

Conference call, 1:30-3:10 pm

Members attending: Susie Bossenga (Northeastern Illinois University), Chris Bulock (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, chair), Luann DeGreve (Benedictine University), Carol Doyle (Northwestern University), Tom Goetz (William Rainey Harper College), Ruth Lindemann (Danville Area Community College), Stephen McMinn (University of Illinois at Springfield), Charles Uth (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Staff attending: Cindy Clennon


  • The meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm.
  • The group’s white paper will focus on the licensing of streaming video. We will meet in person in November to discuss this, most likely on November 15 at the CARLI offices.


CM! Winters Palacio has resigned from the committee.


Pending Proposals

  • Film Ideas - The account representative provided additional information per our request since the initial proposal did not include much detail. Many of the titles are of interest. We will ask about MARC record availability and trial options.
  • Grupo Difusion - We are still waiting for their answer to our question regarding English translations of MARC records.
  • Learning Express - Carol analyzed Gale’s TERC and shared her notes by email earlier. Will try to get a trial to determine whether it would be valuable for four-year schools. If not, then NILRC may be the better group to offer this product.
  • Digitalia Hispanica - Sent request for access and any information to help with trial.

Selection System Update

Planning to open tomorrow. Almost all the pricing has been entered. There is a new JSTOR rep and new collections. We are still waiting for pricing for JSTOR’s Jewish Studies collection, so the system may open without it. There are many new Nature titles.


Still in negotiations with AAAS regarding a cap. SAGE is done, though its more complicated approach this year will be more difficult to administer.

Usage Statistics Forum

Registration is open and already doing well. There will be demos of USTAT, EBSCO, CORAL, and SFX put together by SFX committee.

IACRL Pre-Conference

We will discuss this more in November.

Aggregated Database RFP document

Cindy has tried to modify the existing document to tighten the language related to notification and to try to address more current issues, like discovery providers. We would like to add more specific language regarding discovery services, add some supported browsers, and include some language about mobile access. The situation with the Harvard Business Review is unsettling, but CARLI will keep an eye on it, even if it doesn’t come up in the RFP.

Next Meeting

Friday, November 15 at the CARLI office.