CPC Meeting: September 9, 2013

Conference call, 1:30-2:45 pm

Members attending: Susie Bossenga (Northeastern Illinois University), Chris Bulock (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, chair), Luann DeGreve (Benedictine University, Carol Doyle (Northwestern University), Tom Goetz (William Rainey Harper College), Ruth Lindemann (Danville Area Community College), Stephen McMinn (University of Illinois at Springfield), Charles Uth (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Members absent: CM! Winters Palacio (City Colleges of Chicago)

Staff attending: Mary Burkee, Cindy Clennon

Guests: Ted Schwitzner, CARLI


The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 pm.


  • Thomas Dorst is retiring from CARLI in October.
  • Cindy provided information regarding an email that she will be sending soon reminding the membership that CARLI pricing is confidential. This is in response to recent pricing inquiries from EBSCO during discussion of their statistics management (EBSCONET Usage Consolidation) product.


Updates on Negotiations

Cindy provided updates on current negotiations with Nature, Sage and Science.

Pending Proposals

AIP - There were still several questions about the AIP offer. Cindy will follow up with AIP to gain additional information.

Digitalia Hispanica - Cindy will work on setting up a trial for the committee members in October.

New Proposals

Bibliotechnia - There was not enough information in the offer to determine whether it was of interest to the members. All of the information at their website is in Spanish making it difficult to understand and the type of discounts available was not detailed enough to make a decision. Cindy will get back in touch with them to gather more detailed information on content and price.

Film Ideas - From the limited information presented it does not look like this product is right for a consortia purchase, so we will decline the offer. Cindy will relay this information to the vendor and see if a CARLI discount for direct subscriptions would be possible.

Learning Express - There are subscribers to this product within the CARLI membership. There were several questions about the offer in terms of whether libraries had to pay a platform fee and then purchase content on top of this or if the base cost includes a certain level of access and the other products for which pricing is provided are add-ons. If these are enhancements or add-ons to the basic service, what are the content differences between the basic service and the add-ons. Members volunteered to compare this service with Gale Testing and Education Reference Center. Cindy will get back to the sales representative for more information on content and clarification of pricing.

Forum Update

The planning group met via conference call and finalized the date and location. The members decided to use a forum style with a single program rather than breakout sessions, as these have been more popular in the past since people have the opportunity to attend all sessions. The committee members agreed to contact the presenters from last March to see if they were interested in presenting at the forum. The SFX committee was to contact its members for the product demonstration sessions. The group is trying to set up another conference call during the week of the 9/15/13.

White Paper

The previous discussed topics were:

  • CARLI licensing principles revision
  • Impact of eBooks (and other eResource licensing) on resource sharing models
  • Usage statistics portal
  • Streaming video

Some additional topics were suggested:

  • Vendor relations - with consolidation of vendors and fewer new, major products coming to market
  • Open access planning in response to the Biss bill
  • The group would also like to see what the other groups are considering for their white papers.

Next Meeting:

Monday, October 14 at 1:30 pm via conference call